Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Holidays are Nigh

Well, this has been the strangest holiday... and I mean that in a good way. I feel completely in the Christmas spirit! And even if all my gifts that I'm mailing will be late (I will be mailing them tomorrow with any luck), I don't care. I'm really enjoying the holiday.

And my coworkers are too! In the last 48 hours, I've had two people tell me what a great supervisor I am, one tell me how productive I am, and one tell me how great the collection has been looking since I got to this new location. Four big kudos in two days! That has to be some sort of record.

We kicked off the gift-giving tonight with Aiden and family. Athena gave Aiden a puzzle that he has been admiring for some time, and of course she gave him his colors for joining her posse. Lavendar head wrap with unicorns. He looked totally def in it. We didn't have cameras, but we'll try to get pictures soon.

Aiden gave Marcus a toy that has a hammer which he can use to bang on these little lighty-uppy things. And he gave Athena a princess stamp set and a doctor kit (the latter for caring for his boo boos whenever she bites him).

Much fun was had by all. Athena really wants to live with Aiden though. She wanted to ride home with them ("No ride in the ESS YOU VEEEEEEEEEE! Ride in 'DIS car!"), and then when I finally got her into the Vue, she whined for Aiden the whole way to Target. Fortunately, there was enough at Target to distract her, and she finally seemed to forget about him.

We ran into Ms. Stanley at Target, and Athena claimed she didn't remember her. Ms. Stanley was in the infant room with Athena, and was there briefly for Marcus. Her last day was, coincidentally, the last day for the former director as well. She is doing well and said she really misses the kids. She clearly loved seeing Athena, although Athena wasn't quite as charming and polite as I would have hoping... scowling at her and whimpering. Sometimes having a two-year-old is very similar to having a full-grown pitt bull.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Librarian Secret #2 - Not All Things You Get on the Internet are "Internet Sources"

I worked a couple of hours on the Reference Desk today, and several high school students came to me with their questions for their homework projects. Bless their little hearts, some of them are really confused about "sources." I remember being one of them. And yet, I didn't have nearly as many choices as these kids have.

They ask me for a "Newspaper Source" for their paper on Global Warming. I start typing into the computer. They say "NO! I need a NEWSPAPER!" I explain that old newspapers fall apart, take up space, and present a HUGE fire hazard. So thanks to the "Digital Age," we have gotten rid of all of them and we have it all on the computer now.

"But NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" they cry. "My teacher said "NO INTERNET SOURCES!" Don't you have newspapers?


Just because you access something over the Internet, doesn't mean that it is actually an "Internet Source." There is a phenomenon called "The Deep Web." Or perhaps there is a new catchphrase for it. The information in this Deep Web costs money. And our taxpayers pay for those resources to be available.

So... if you teach children and assign them papers, or if you are a parent who will help your children with homework one day, please explain the difference between an Internet source and a database. PLEASE! These poor kids are freaking out.

Oh, and teach them not to use so many "quotation marks." It's really "irritating" to read.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou, Mommy Librarian?

Friday, December 1: Took day off work to prepare for two holiday parties. I like to refer to this day as "The Day I Pretended to be Rich." Got my nails done, shopped at Nordstrom for something to wear to Chris' work holiday party, went to said party and enjoyed an open bar and good food (three courses plus an appetizer buffet), and Chris got his company gift... a Zune. Score.

Saturday, December 2: Spent the day preparing food for annual Caran Holiday Party, and then proceeded to have said party. Very enjoyable evening. Less attendance than normal, but good friends were there and the night was a success. I also only drank beer and found I was not exhausted at the end of the evening. I won't be drinking wine at these parties again. It clearly wears me out.

Sunday, December 3: Recouperation.

Monday, December 4: Nuthin' special.

Tuesday, December 5: Thought it was a "nuthin' special" day, until 7:30 pm when I got a call at work from home telling me that Athena split her head open and needed stitches. Spent most of the night in the ER waiting room taking turns chasing a wild, up-way-past-bedtime toddler around.

Wednesday, December 6: Work. Then met Aiden and family at Firehouse Subs (after a fun-filled trip to Target for essentials) for "Kids Eat Free (And Entertain Each Other So We Don't Have To) Night."

Thursday, December 7: work, then hockey game.

Friday, December 8: Work, then Grandma's apartment complex to meet Santa. Athena simply eyed him from across the room all evening, but that's cool. She liked the cheese. She especially liked impaling the cheese on the little toothpicks.

Saturday, December 9: Chris rearranged some furniture and assembled a bookcase so now each child has a bookcase in his or her respective room... giving me a chance to actually get a bunch of crap off the floor in both rooms and split up their belongings so they can know whose is whose (something that becomes more important by the day). Earlier in the week, I purchased some bins for downstairs as well. The toys are taking over the house. It's scary. Then we went to a holiday party... something we are becoming really good at. Someone at the party suggested we do a "Calendar Girls" type calendar featuring the librarians of our county system. She was a librarian in our system. Needless to say, there was alcohol at this party. Fortunately, we all remained dressed.

Sunday, December 10: Attended... wait for it... a holiday party for my old library in Garner. Athena and I attended to participate in the white elephant exchange. I had been an honorary recipient of a handmade ornament we affectionately call "The Space Station" and it was time to pass it along. Athena brought a gift too, so they wouldn't know which container had the ornament. In exchange, Athena got a Billy the Big Mouth Bass, which she loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves. Loves it. Loves. *sigh* I got a red christmas tree that resembles a boot scraper. I think I preferred "The Space Station" actually. The singing fish is in Athena's room where she can see it, but not touch/activate it.

Monday, December 11: My car died. The alternator. I'm really lucky I was able to drive it to the dealership. Fortunately, Athena was getting her stitches out, which meant Chris was still on this side of town and we were able to do some fancy footwork to get me to work and the kids to daycare. Fortunately, for a price, the good folks at Saturn were able to bring it back to life. Not only did this set us back almost a grand, but I had to get a rental car, since they didn't HAVE an alternator and had to keep the car overnight until one could arrive via Fed-Ex. The plus? I got a Jeep Cherokee for 24 hours. Love those cars. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, December 12: Lunch with my former boss. Then a meeting for the committee which I have a strong love/hate relationship with. Then a night shift, that concluded with me learning that my friend who was expecting twins (I haven't mentioned it on this blog, so you didn't know about it) just lost them. She was about 15 weeks along. I haven't been able to talk to her... her husband talked to Chris, and now they aren't answering the phone. If I talk to her, I will be of no help, because I will just cry. If there is a service, I am going to try to attend. It's not local... but I'll do what I can.

So now you are up to date. Perhaps you see why I have not posted. I am going to bed now.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Vampire Athena

We've been having a little problem with Athena biting her friends at daycare. Okay, honestly... it's just one friend lately. The following is a series of emails between that friend's mom and myself.

Email one:

Subject: Christmas list for Athena
From: Friend's mom

1. A sports mouthgard
2. One of those cones they put on animals after surgery
3. Lots of peanut butter
4. Picture book version of "How To Win Friends and Influence People"
5. Some fava beans and a nice Chianti (why stop at one course, when you can have the full meal?)

Don't worry Aiden still loves his Athena. We are considering picture books on how to deal masochism for him. ;-)

My reply:

Like I told your husband this morning... she only bites the ones she loves. So Aiden should feel honored. :-)

Besides, perhaps this is her way of teaching him to stand up for himself. Tough love and all.

Or, it's just her initiation ritual so he can officially be a part of her posse.

On the flip side, she totally wanted to do whatever Aiden did yesterday morning, adding another ten minutes to my tardiness to work while she poked at Chocolate Chip the Bunny.

I'm completely okay with you telling Aiden to bite her back. Or her hand, or whatever happens to be handy.

Of course, one of those cones would be REALLY funny...

By the way, I'm totally posting this email on my blog.

Her reply to me:

My coworker says her cat Belle will be done with her cone (she got fixed last week) in a few days. She also said it was adjustable and that we could have it. So just say the word ...

In the meantime I told Aiden to tell Athena that biting isn't nice. I can't bring myself to ask him to bite someone. That kind of thing could completely backfire. I can hear the judge now, "and your son tells me that you told him to bite the plaintiff."

So when does he get the colored handkerchief as a member of her posse? I'm assuming it is pink or purple with little unicorns in a check pattern. I really don't think John will let him wear it (something about it not being manly) but it would be a nice memento. Or double as a tourniquet to stop the blood flow from the latest bite. :-)

Post away, I'm sure they'll look back and remember it fondly. I know I'll look back and laugh my head off.

*********************end emails**************************

So let me just say that I just ordered the little duo a little something something for Christmas that she will love and John will hate. Stay tuned...

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Battle of the Wills

Are you ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cue house music*

Round One (yesterday)

Mommy Librarian: Athena, if you take your nap, we can go see some dancing penguins, okay?

Athena: Dancing penguins?

ML: Yep. At the movies. But you have to go to sleep now. You have to really take a nap or we won't go.

Athena: A nap?

ML: Yep

Athena: Then we see penguins?

ML: Yep

Athena: Okay

*one hour later*

Athena: *sleepily opening her bedroom door* Mommy?

ML: You wake up?

Athena: *barely audible* I wanna see penguins.

Round One goes to... TIE! (Mommy and Daddy should have specified a longer nap)

Round Two (Yesterday)

ML: Athena, if you don't stop throwing your popcorn, we're leaving the dancing penguins.

Athena: *throwing popcorn* I wanna go see Daddy (who is currently in the breezeway letting Marcus crawl around)

ML: Okay

Athena: *running around the theater, after giving Daddy a cursory hello*

ML: We're leaving

Round Two goes to... TIE (Athena didn't seem to care and we didn't get to see how the movie ended)

Round Three (This morning)

ML: Athena, do you want orange or banana for breakfast?

Athena: mmmmmmmm.... Dora Snacks!*

ML: That wasn't a choice. Orange or banana.

Athena: *whining* Dooooooooooora Snaaaaaaaaaaaacks!

ML: Fine, you get an orange.

Athena: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo... no orange! Dora Snacks!

ML: *peeling a Clementine* How about an orange AND Dora Snacks?

Athena: Noooooooooooooooooooo... no ORANGE!

ML: Okay. This orange is for Marcus then.**

Athena: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! My orange!

ML: No, it's for Marcus


ML: Okay, here you go. Marcus will be so disappointed.

Athena: *taking the orange slices to Marcus and sticking them in his face* MINE! MY oranges!


*For the offspringless, Dora Snacks are gummy snacks in the shape of characters from Dora the Explorer. If you have a dark sense of humor, as we do, you will find these very entertaining as your daughter says, "This is Benny the Bull! I like him! I eat him!" and then gobbles him up. Classic chuckles all around.

**For the record, I would not feed my eight-month old whole chunks of Clementine, in case you were worried.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Croup It Up

This just goes to show you how the life of a mommy can change on a dime.

Yesterday, about 4:15 pm, I was enjoying my half day off work (from working on Sunday) by baking two pumpkin pies. I had just begun to blend the wet stuff with the dry, when the daycare called. Marcus had a fever of 102 or 103. Yippee.

Since I was at a place where I really couldn't stop, and since Chris was just leaving work anyway, I called him and warned him that Mr. Man was ill. Sure enough, when he arrived at the house, the pies were smelling yummy in the oven, and Marcus was warm enough that perhaps I could have baked one in his mouth.

He's had a runny nose for about a week, as has everyone in the family. 'Tis the season and all. But last night, he had developed a little cough. Athena has also had a cough, and although it has sounded bad, it hasn't kept her up at night or anything. Well, Marcus went down about a half hour earlier than usual, and about an hour into his sleep, I heard a noise in his room that sounded like perhaps I had locked Murphy in the room with him. I looked down at my feet, and there was Murphy snoozing happily on the carpet in my room. Crap.

This morning, his fever had gone down to about 100, and his smile was big and his eyes were bright. I thought perhaps he would kick this as he has every other illness. I gave him some Tylenol then plugged his morning bottle in his mouth.

He ate merrily and happily. Then about halfway through, he exploded. Let's just forget about the fact that he was in my lap at the time... the important thing is that he threw up twice as much as had been in his bottle. It was impressive. Mucous and milk plus Tylenol in the tummy is apparently combustible.

As soon as the pediatrician's office opened, I called and got an 8:40 appointment. At the time, Marcus still seemed happy and alert, so the doctor concluded it might be croup, it might not... but he wasn't sure enough to prescribe the steroids normally given for croup. After all, why take the things if that's not what is wrong with you.

So he gave me some tips on what to look for and sent me home. Marcus slept in the car and then another 1/2 hour, when he woke up coughing. I gave him some warm water and some Tylenol (since the first batch came up with his breakfast) and tried to entertain him. He just really wanted to go back to sleep. His cough is now much worse and more persistent. But he's napping now, and I'm doing dishes/laundry/domestic goddess stuff.

Today is my evening shift day, so I'm taking the afternoon off, and then Chris and I will switch off so I can go in for the 5-9pm shift. Then I'll work tomorrow and he'll take off. Next on the list is to call Shelley to see if she wants Marcus around Zoe. The doctor said that it should be fine as long as we keep the babies separate and we wash our hands a lot... but I would feel horrible if Zoe got sick. So currently, I'm thinking that Chris and Athena will drive up to Baltimore and I'll hang here with Mr. Man. Not the ideal Thanksgiving, but Chris needs to see his family, and Athena needs to meet her cousin. It's a bummer, but what can you do?

Damn croup.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Love Assault

Athena has grown more affectionate in the last few weeks. She has developed a serious attachment to the people she loves. Sure, there were times when she would come up and plant a big sloppy kiss on your face, but those times were rare, and often required a lot of prompting. I think she's an introvert... gaining her energy from within. She loves people, of course, but just isn't terribly touchy-feely. And that's okay.

But now she is a downright cuddle muffin. When she sees someone she loves, her face lights up like a Christmas tree and then she throws herself at that person full throttle. Kathryn has coined the apt phrase "Love Assault" when she does this, because she literally tackles you with the intent to press you into the ground, thereby making you stick there so you can never leave. It's terribly cute and terribly good news for our chiropractor.

She also remembers people and places really well. And she says very nice things about them. For example, although she has only recently gotten to get to know her grampa Greg, she looked me square in the eye this morning and said, "I wanna see gampa." And for Thanksgiving, everyone made a little Thanksgiving art thing and they had to say what they were thankful for so Ms. Shanika could write it down for them. She said "I am thankful for Aiden." Of course, this does leave me wondering where WE fit in on the ladder of love...

Since Marcus is just learning to crawl, he's all about taking in his environs rather than cuddling, so this comes at a perfect time. Just as one leaves my arms, the other wants to jump in. It's good to be the mommy.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

For Dad

A warning... this post may be kind of morbid and depressing. I'm not sure, as I haven't written it yet, but I wanted to warn you. I also wanted to let you know that I am hoping the end will lighten it up a bit... so if you are really interested, try to stick with me...

Yesterday meant it was officially ten years since my father died. I hesitate to refer to the day as an anniversary, because anniversaries seem to indicate celebration. However, it is a day that is marked in my heart. I always become melancholy right around Halloween, and the mood doesn't lift until around the Holiday Party... which is probably one reason I keep throwing it.

He died from prostate cancer, which sucks in many ways. The worst part about it is that it could have been avoided. Very few men die of prostate cancer anymore because it's the slowest developing cancer, and if it's detected early, then it's quite treatable. I'm not mad at my dad, mind you. It would be a bit hypocritical if I were, as I am just as likely to go to a doctor if I'm not feeling well. I really despise going when I'm healthy. So guys, in case you need motivation...

By the time the cancer was diagnosed, it had metasticized to his bones. Basically, we watched as his spine started collapsing. I will admit that bending and coughing isn't the most comfortable way to pass five minutes, but it's a LOT more comfortable than having your back collapse while cancer eats your bones.

end lecture

Today, Ohio State beat Michigan by three points, in what is probably the most anticipated game in college football in over a decade. My dad was an Ohio State alum, and oh how he loved his football team. Let's just hope that when we say "rest in peace," we mean, "rest in a big old easy chair with a cold brewsky watching a hell of a football game." I really like to think that the win was a little nod from all that is good in the world to my Dad.

I love you, dad. Go, Buckeyes!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Holy Monkey! Where Did November Go?!

I seriously cannot believe that we are midway through this month. And my last post was from the zoo, which seems just yesterday. Since then, we've been to High Point twice (once without the kids), the kids have both gotten nasty head colds, I have also been somewhat ill, both of our cars have broken down (mine was brakes, Chris' was the starter), I finally wrote my September and October monthly reports at work (yes, I was that far behind), Chris has helped move his mother into her new apartment (although we both wish we could do more), I've cancelled my Pampered Chef party due to too few participants, and I've written ONE blog entry -- this one.

The sad thing is... there's way more in my future. I have to take the car in next week to have the body work done from the accident last month. We are going to Maryland for Thanksgiving, which will be fun, but a long drive with two kids. I have to send out invitations for our big holiday party (not to mention plan it). I have to do all my Christmas shopping (although I did get a teensy bit done in High Point. And I'm going to take a yoga class in December to see how I like it.


What is it about the holidays that dictates we all run around like beheaded chickens? And if that weren't enough, I really should bake cookies and decorate the house and do all that fru-fru stuff.

I sure hope I don't explode. Sheesh.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another Day at the Zoo

We went to the NC Zoo on Sunday while Chris was in Austin and the kids had a blast. Here, Athena tames a wild bee on the playground. Or maybe the bee tames her... I'm not really sure. Posted by Picasa

Stroller Man


Panda Bears

Hey , guys! Whatcha doin'?

Hanging out in the bamboooooooooooooooo.

Fun. Posted by Picasa

Do do do do do Dora

We surrendered the battle-axe princess costume to next year because the skirt was too long and Athena couldn't walk without tripping. This is what I found instead. Need I say that she loved it? I think it goes without saying. Here, Dora displays healthy eating habits. Posted by Picasa

A Night at the Theater

Here we are all dressed up to go see the Lion King. Apparently, Athena was practicing her roar. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Out for Mommy

I've been put in Time Out by my daughter twice since this past weekend.

Incident #1:

Me: Athena! Stop waving that battle-axe around! You are going to kill someone! Perhaps even me!

Athena: No, Mommy! *still waving the damn thing around*


Athena: Noooooooooooooooo! Nooooooooooo! No, Mommy!

Me: I'm going to take it away from you.

Athena: Mommy! I want you to look at me! No look at Marcus! Look at me!

Me: *blink*

Athena: Mommy, now you go into Time Out now. *pointing to chair* Okay?

Me: *blink*

I think she diffused that situation quite well, don't you?

Incident #2:

Athena: *splash, splash, splashing in the tub*

Me: Athena stop!

Athena: *tossing wet washcloth against the wall across the bathroom*


Athena: Mommy Time Out now.

Me: *blink*

See, the thing is... we have only put her in Time Out once. And that was weeks ago. Methinks she gets many a Time Out at daycare.

In the meantime, I'm going to have to be on my best behavior. She's cracking down on me.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Comfort Items

You may recall that Athena regularly -- almost without fail -- takes two things to bed with her. Her dudicorn, and her bankie. Heaven help us if we ever lose this unicorn because it was a gift from Grandma K., and I suspect even she doesn't remember where she got it.

Anyway, tonight, she wanted to take her newest toy to bed with her. Her long-handled battle axe.

I'm not kidding.

We went to get her Halloween costume tonight, and we chose a lovely velvet princess dress to go with the plastic battle axe that she would NOT PUT DOWN. Actually, she wanted two. I convinced her one made her plenty menacing enough as she tried to mow down several innocent Target shoppers.

As expected, her father is giddy with pride. I think he's planning to buy her her very first D&D Players Guide for Christmas. He got her dice last year. What have I gotten myself into?!

Send... help... please...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Fickle Man

Okay... we all know I am crazy in love with my husband. In fact, "crazy" is an excellent word to use there. But anyway...

He does have this annoying tendancy to change his mind about things. This, by itself, isn't annoying. What is annoying (in that charming, funny way of course), is that when he changes his mind, he a) pretends he never ever felt differently (i.e. not acknowledging that he was wrong, heaven forbid) and b) he then gives me hell if I still feel the same way HE felt last week.

Chris used to always take the kids to daycare, as it was generally on his way to work. I only took them rarely. We always went a certain way. Then one day, unbeknownst to me, he switched to a different route. I did notice this by accident, when I realized he was still behind me while we were on our way one morning, and he should have turned way back. I saw where he exited instead, and realized he must have decided to take a different route.

So about a week after I noticed this (and for all I know, it was months after he had switched routes), we were taking the kids to school together for some reason. When I turned to go "the old way," he snorted and said, "I can't believe you go to daycare this way. I NEVER go this way."

Uh... dude... you TAUGHT me to go this way.

Example Two:
I brought my work laptop home with me two years ago when I went on maternity leave for Athena. It was his first look at the tools I was provided by my excellent, cushy county job. I pulled the computer from its case, and he snorted, "Gateway! What a piece of crap."

Chris is buying a laptop for his writing work now that he has had to surrender his old one to the People's Republic of Computers. He's shopping tonight and has selected the optimal laptop for his needs. Guess what brand it is?

And when I pointed out that he had once snorted at it, he said, "Well, they aren't that bad. And yours is old."

And they say WOMEN are fickle! Sheesh...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Friends Don't Let Friends Eat and Drive

Okay, I was just sitting down to type this, when my daughter streaked me. HAHA! You really have to be here. She ran from the bathroom to her room to get a new diaper in nothing but her socks. Classic. Oh, to have had the camera at the ready.

Anyway, today, I became the victim of a hungry driver. After dropping the kids off, I headed off to a library in town where I was to participate in a day of training sessions. On one particularly nasty bit of highway that is currently under construction and changes traffic patterns hourly, I merged right due to a left lane closure. For once, the lane closure was well-marked and I... well, let me script this for you (all words took place inside my brain unless otherwise stated:

Hmmmm... I can't believe that is so well marked. For once, this highway might not attract a nasty accident.

*checking rear view mirror* Yep, looks like everyone behind me sees it too, and look! People are being so nice and letting people in. Sometimes I love living in the South.

*checking clock* I should get to the library in plenty of time to prepare some visual aids. Excellent. I was worried about my late start.

*traffic slows to a slow roll*

*checking traffic* Wow! I'm so glad I don't have to commute this every day anymore. Poor Chris. I wish he didn't have to commute it.


CRAP! I'm glad that wasn't...

***sound of car cracking into car behind me***



(Out loud) DAMMIT!


Fortunately, no one was hurt. The woman driving the car two back from me apparently looked down to eat something. When she looked up, she realized she was hurtling into the back of a car. She applied her brakes. She hit said car. Said car hit me. The impact in both cases was square from behind. Her car is most likely totalled... it was only eight months old. Middle guy's car was damaged, but not really badly considering he served as the pinball in today's demonstration.

My good old Saturn bumper did exactly what it was supposed to do. It squished to absorb impact, then bounced back. However, Saturn estimates the parts alone will cost the perpetrator's insurance no less than $1300 as the entire rear hatch door has to be replaced. It can't be opened.

So I'm driving the car. Tomorrow I go to the chiropractor to make sure I didn't do any damage to my back, and then I call her insurance company with the info I have thus far. Fun!

Still, as far as accidents go, if you have to be in one, this wasn't bad at all.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's a Great Day for the Fair!

Okay, I'm slow in posting, but Chris was so quick to get some up that I have just dawdled. Here are some pictures of us at the North Carolina State Fair on opening day... Posted by Picasa

Painted Faces

I just love this picture. Notice Athena's pants? Daddy forgot to fasten them after she went potty at daycare just before we left. They were undone in the car, on the bus to the fair, and at the fair for at least one ride and her face painting before Mommy noticed. This picture will be great on her wedding day slide show, don't you think? Posted by Picasa

Send Help Now!

He's hangin' on for dear life! Posted by Picasa

On the Horsie

Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hanging on the Screen Door

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored...

(That's a shout-out to Garfield-lover Staci, and any of you other Garfieldophiles out there... Anyone? ... Anyone? ... Bueller? ... Bueller?)

Anyway, that pretty much sums it up. I came down with a stomach bug yesterday, and after feeling nauseous all day, I finally threw up at midnight... exactly. Must have been the gravitational pull of the moon overhead that finally triggered it.

After that, I felt much better, only to deal with things at the other end this morning. So, for the benefit (I thought) of all my coworkers, I stayed at home today.

Because of the nausea, I have been trying to "take it easy" all day... reading, sleeping, cooking, taking care of issues at work, playing computer games, etc. Yes, work even called. The weird thing is... when I'm there, nothing goes wrong. When I'm not, every thing that could go wrong with anything in my department does go wrong.

The plus side... I have been able to eat twice today and only feel slightly sick. Nothing has reappeared in any disgusting form. The plus plus side, Marcus is already better... we aren't sure if he had the stomach bug, or if he's just teething, or both, but he was in good spirits this morning, and he didn't throw up his breakfast.

The down side, my mother-in-law is now feeling sick. Hey... I love to share. I just hope Chris doesn't get it, as it would be a real damper on his first week at work.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A New Panthers Fan

Okay, of course I don't think other babies are cuter than my own, but this one is just as cute. No cuter... just exactly as cute. This is Brian and Sophie's bundle of joy, and she looks like she's going to give Marcus a run for his money the next time they see each other, eh? Posted by Picasa

The One In Which the Mommy Librarian Is a Schmuck

I totally stood up my friend Jen tonight for our drink night. I never stand up Jen. Partially because I rarely see Jen. I just have been so wrapped up in my week that, even though it is clearly marked on my calendar, I forgot.

Part of my excuse is that I keep thinking that I'm a day behind. On Monday, I had a short day that consisted of some training, some futile running around town, and then home with the family. Seemed more like a Sunday. So on Tuesday, I kept thinking it was Monday; on Wednesday, I thought it was Tuesday; and today, I thought it was Wednesday. On top of that, Jen and I usually get together for drinks on Friday, but we've been unable to because of other plans cropping up on both sides. Tonight was sort of a "make-up" drink night. And I blew it.

Actually, five more minutes, and Jen would have called to find me in bed. I'm exhausted. I was ready to jump up, change back into real clothes and head out to meet her, but she gave me the option of rescheduling, so I did.

Still, I'm a schmuck. Friends don't stand up friends. And I have stood someone up. The guilt weighs heavy on my heart. And it's a double-whammy. No hanging out with Jen. No drinks. Talk about sucky.

For penance, I shall have to eat as many fried things as possible at the opening day of the State Fair tomorrow. I hear they are serving up fried Coca-Cola this year. Keep me in your thoughts...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Day Three of the Disney Trip: Middle of the Magic

To continue from my previous post that summarized the first two days of my trip, here is the mid-day of the trip. Final two days should be posted soon.

On Monday, we started the day at Animal Kingdom. Sticking with our "thrill rides" theme, we rode Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, and Expedition Everest (the newest, and therefore most crowded, attraction). We were unable to get Fast Passes for various reasons that include, but are not limited to, poor decision-making on our part. We waited on line for Kali River, and once again... the sign said 20 minutes, but we got "the tag" and we ended up waiting about 45 minutes.

In case you are curious about "The Tag," this is how it works. The Cast Member (as they are wont to be called) at the entrance of the line hands someone (at random? with red hair? every twenty minutes? I don't know) a tag that the person is then supposed to hand to the attendant who puts him or her on the ride. Buttons are pressed at each place (think "stopwatch") and voila! They know how long the wait is... because you just waited it! It is my theory that they give the tags to every redhead, because 1) Alice is a redhead and she got the tag three times in three days, 2) I have been to Disney 14 times now and have NEVER gotten the tag before (I am not a redhead), 3) They handed the tag to Alice, not to me, all three times, and sometimes I was closer to the cast member than she was (physically, not emotionally), 4) I saw the tag once more after Alice and I parted company, and it was in the hands of, you guessed it, a redhead, and 5) I've never been to Disney with a redhead before. Well... other than Alice. And she didn't get the tag at all any of the other times she has been to Disney. Hmmmm... okay, I amend my theory. Perhaps this was just "Redhead Pride Week" or something.

Sooooooooooo... we rode Kali River and didn't get very wet, which is a good thing. We then rode Dinosaur, which had no line. We hit Primeval Whirl, which was great fun, and finally we headed to Expedition Everest. We did the single rider line, because, let's face it, riding a coaster with someone you know is just as useful as riding it with a stranger. You're just screaming the whole time.

Good times, all around.

After Animal Kingdom, we had time to go back to the room and soak in the pool for an hour or so. I looooooooooooove the pools at Disney. They are heated just enough that they are still cool and refreshing, but you don't have to "get used to them." No icy water in the nether regions. It's wonderful.

We dressed and high-tailed it to EPCOT for 5:30 reservations at Alfredo Di Roma in Italy. I've eaten here many times, including on my Honeymoon, and I love the place. Unfortunately, due to the new dining plans, they have cut their menu WAY back. It used to be a novella. Now it's just an abstract. Very little pasta on it, which really made me sad because their pasta was so good. And now it's gone. A moment of silence for the linguine with basil pesto sauce.


A funny story from Alfredo's. I went to the bathroom because Nature called, but I stayed for the entertainment. One stall down from me, a little girl was apparently enthralled with the auto-flush toilets (which I loathe, incidentally, but that's a story for another day). According to her mother, who was venting to another woman, the little girl had been sitting on the potty for eight flushes now. I heard at least three of them while I was in there. Every time the toilet flushed, she laughed and said "Silly potty!" Her mother said (and I do quote here), "Yes, she has had a thorough and disgusting bath tonight."

Hey, who knew that you could have saved your Benjamins and just stayed home flushing the toilet?!

Monday night was "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party." It's $30 to get in (totally separate from Park Admission. Even Annual Passholders (like me) have to pay) and I was really concerned that it would be a giant rip-off. In fact, I've been to Disney several times when I could have gone, and have opted not to.

Basically, the Magic Kingdom is yours from 7pm to 12 midnight. It's completely gussied up for Halloween, and there are special parades and fireworks. There is also FREE CANDY! Okay, not so free, if you consider the admission, but you ALSO get to ride all the rides with a really low crowd level. We waited on NO lines for ANYTHING (although I admit we skipped Haunted Mansion and Pirates, as we did those Sunday night). And did I mention the candy?! There are trick-or-treat stations set up all over the park and they simply dump candy into your bag. Good stuff too! Sure, there are the dud candies... but not nearly as many as you get around your own neighborhood. And there were Twix bars, and Hershey's minis and Starburst and Sour Patch Kids and POP ROCKS!!!! Sweet!

Okay, the end of the trip wasn't so eventful, but I'll save it for another post. Can you stand the suspense?!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We're All Ears!

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He'll Be Crawling Soon!

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This is Daddy's favorite picture of late. Posted by Picasa

Marcus' First Hockey Game

What can I say... the boy looks good in Red and Black. Fortunately, he also looks good in Carolina Blue! :-) Posted by Picasa

Drunk Baby

I share this simply because it's funny. Posted by Picasa

That's Right It's My Man, Stanley!

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The Dribbler

Cereal for breakfast. Yummy! Posted by Picasa

Meal Time!

What do you get when you cross squash with a six-month old? Voila! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Trip: A Summary - The First Two Days

Well, here's the recap. I'm trying to include enough detail that those of you who know Disney will enjoy, but not so much that those of you who don't won't click away. Bear with me.

Day One:
Plane was on time. All the bad things I've said about Southwest... I take them back. It was a downright pleasant flight, and sitting where I want is the bomb. I think it's different when you travel alone.

One funny thing about the plane trip... the woman beside me was reading an Elizabeth Berg book checked out from one of our branches. She was folding the pages over to mark her place. I was very tempted to hand her a bookmark... my business card. I think it would have said it all. But I refrained.

Alice arrived soon after I checked in, and we had lunch, then went to Downtown Disney to buy our park tickets and shop. I bought bath bombs at Basin. (Funny story... I used the Disney bath bomb tonight... when it dissolves it leaves little Mickey Mouse ear-shaped soap in the tub. Athena and I were taking a bath together, and I thought it would be fun. Some brilliant mind made the bath bomb turn the water bright yellow. It totally looked like we peed in the tub. Disturbing.)

After a quick change of clothes, we headed to the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT. We grabbed a fast pass for Test Track and then we started eating our way around the park. We only made it from Florida (just before Mexico as you head counter-clockwise around the world showcase) to Australia (just before Germany). That's not even halfway. We were stuffed on little mini-servings of shrimp, lamb, chicken and beef. Here's what we had (in no particular order). I'm including prices because I know there are people (Amy) who would be interested. Plus, I want to see how much I spent:

Spicy Beef Empanadas $2.00
Marinated Strawberries with Basil $2.00 (we shared this one... Alice paid)

Chilaquiles $3.50 (Alice)
Quesadilla con Chorizo y Pollo $3.50 (me)

Traditional Kjottkaker $2.75 (These are meatballs, and tasty ones at that)
Lingonberry Mousse $2.00 (This was nasty gross -- the only thing that we really didn't like)

South Africa:
Bobotie with Mango Chutney $3.00 (Alice only)
Durban Chicken with Mealie Pap $3.25 (it was very yummy... I could have had more. Mealie Pap is really similar to Polenta -- and thanks to Cheryl, I knew this before I left for the parks)

Shrimp on the Barbie $4.00 (not really great, but not bad)
Grilled Lamb Chop with Caramelized Onion $4.50 (overdone, but okay)
Macadamia Nut Tartlet $2.00 (Alice only)

Bailey's Trifle $2.25 (Alice only)

Wild & Wonderful Florida Shrimp:
Sauteed Shrimp with Ginger and Lime $4.25 (this was excellent, and it was also the first thing we had)

So, are you impressed with my ability to resist dessert?! I was impressed. If you want to see what we missed, go to the menu listing at If my math is correct, it looks like my "meal" set me back about $26.25. Not bad for Disney. And we were quite stuffed. Otherwise we would have continued around the circle. The only reason we didn't go back later in the trip to do more of the stands was we had purchased a meal plan which didn't include these treats.

After "dinner," we rode Test Track, and then walked over to the Boardwalk to go to Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was too smoky to stay (smoke was rolling out the door), so we caught a bus to Downtown Disney, shopped a bit more, then caught the boat to our resort. Our room looked out over Downtown Disney, and by now, it was just before midnight, so we sat on the porch, ate popcorn, and listened to the music wafting over the water from the clubs at Pleasure Island. Then we crashed.

Day Two:
Disney (MGM) Studios. Both Alice and I wanted to do some thrill rides since that's hard to do with kids, so we got a fast pass for Tower of Terror, then went to get in line for The Rock and Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. Turns out that standby line was about 80 minutes of waiting, so we cut back to Tower to find the standby wait to be nonexistent. So... we got on to Tower, then crossed the park to eat lunch (we slept late), then came back to ride Tower and Coaster. The wait for Coaster was supposedly only 20 minutes, but we were given "The Tag" which is how they measure the wait, and our wait was definitely longer than 20 minutes. More like 45. Worth it though.

We then had time to catch the Muppets 4-D movie (I never get tired of it) before the next showing of Lights, Motors, Action, which is by far the best stunt show I've seen in any park. It was really fun and very exciting. At Muppets, I broke down and bought myself a t-shirt, although I swore I wouldn't. It's Beaker. You can't really turn down The Beaker. I wore it Friday and had many positive comments.

While at MGM, we also bought Pumpkin Mickey Ears to wear at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party on Monday night and I got Marcus his first pair of ears with his name on the back. Chris took a picture of Athena, me, and Marcus wearing our ears when I got back. I'll post it soon.

Sunday night, we met my mom and her best friend, as well as her best friend's oldest son (who lives in Orlando) at Citricos restaurant in the Grand Floridian. This was on my meal plan, so I could order appetizer, entree, and dessert. Since I had already paid (a really reduced price) for my meal, I splurged on the wine pairings.

This was a highlight of my trip. I've never been to the Floridian and it's a really gorgeous resort. The food at Citricos is widely acclaimed, and I now know why. Plus, from our table, we could see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom AND the Electrical Water Pageant. Very cool.

As for the wine pairings, Disney is one of the only places I've been with a fleet of REALLY competent sommaliers. The wines were unusual and excellent. The first (to compliment my mushroom ravioli appetizer) was a light Pinot Grigio. The second, for my Osso Buccho was a nice rich red -- a Shiraz mix of some sort. I had a lemon cheesecake for dessert and they brought me a lemon liquor. Loved it.

Dinner took us later into the evening than we thought, but it was Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom, so we took the monorail there and we rode Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion... two rides we expected would be really busy at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party on Monday.

People have complained that they've ruined "Pirates" by adding Davy Jones, Barbosa, and Jack Sparrow from the successful movies, but I think it has really enhanced the ride. I've never really understood the story Pirates was supposed to be telling me, but now it makes a little more sense. Big thumbs up. Loved it.

Again, we got "home" near midnight and we crashed.

If you haven't left me yet, congrats. I'll save Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for another update... I'm sure you've had enough for the moment.

Incidentally, Alice took all the pictures, and she hasn't been able to send them yet. I'll post them separately when I get them. :-)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Vacation Mode

I am totally useless today.

I'm posting on my lunch hour, which has actually been the busiest hour of my day so far. I'm about to do two hours on desk, then sign timesheets, and then I believe I may leave early. Or I may process some gift books, just because that's about all my brain can take right now.

I had to go by Verizon to get a charger for my mobile phone, as all I can locate are my two car chargers and I won't have a car in Florida. Let me just say that the good folks at Verizon could stand with a little customer service training.

"We don't have that charger."

"Um, okay... " *blink* "Does the Crossroads store have it?"

"Well, the closest store to here is Crossroads..."

*blink* "Okay... so do they have it?"

*tippity tappity* "Yep, they have it..."

*blink* "Okay... so..." *giving up* "nevermind, what's their number?"


"They're PHONE number... so I can call them?"

"Oh... it's 555-1212"



Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Have the Coolest Husband

Here's the thing about marrying someone who doesn't give a rat's toot what people think about him... he will try ANYTHING. It's something that makes him a great dad, and today, it made him a really nifty husband.

Today was my half-day at work since I worked Sunday. Originally, I considered working all day today to build up some comp time for my upcoming trip, but I had a bajillion errands to run and I was pretty darn tired of work. So, I called Chris to see if he wanted to join me for my errands.

On my list of things to do was a manicure/pedicure. I always get one before I go on vacation to sort of "kick things off" so to speak. In my wallet was a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure that I had given to Chris a couple of years ago for Christmas. Yes... for Chris. Here's why.

I was talking about how much I enjoyed my manis and pedis, and he asked me what they were like. As I described them, I said, "You know, YOU might enjoy a good 'man' pedicure." He shrugged and said, "Yeah... sounds like I would." So, I bought him the gift certificate.

I had it in MY wallet, because it laid about the house for over a year when I finally asked him if I should just use it myself. He shrugged and said, "Sure... I haven't had time to even think about it." Then I promptly forgot I had it.

So today, I told him I had the gift certificate and he could finally give it a try. He seemed hesitant at first, but then he said "yes!"

So we walk into the place and every woman there (three customers and four staff) looked shocked/amused/confused/intrigued when I announced that we both wanted a pedicure and a manicure. They gave us two seats beside each other and we talked while our two cosmetologists nattered on in Vietnamese. They did, however, stop to ask us how long we'd been married and how many kids we have (they knew the answer already because I've shown them pictures like, a dozen times). Then one of them told me how handsome he was. Actually, she said it in a way that indicated she was surprised I had bagged such a stud. But I'm ignoring that. They then resumed their coversation in Vietnamese, in which I'm sure they told each other how shocked they were that my husband was so handsome.

Anyway, Chris seemed to enjoy it and I had a great time with him there. Since he didn't get color on his nails, he headed over to EB Games while I sat under the dryer. It was all very pleasant. If it weren't so darned expensive, I'd take him every time I went!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Now, the Real Essentials Can Stay With You

I was just reading up on the new, relaxed security for flying since I am headed to Mouseland on Saturday, and I was relieved to see this paragraph:

Up to 4 ounces of a few items will be permitted in carry-on bags: eye drops, saline solution, nonprescription medicine and personal lubricants.

Let's read that again, shall we?!

Up to 4 ounces of a few...

No no no... not that part... read further... that last bit...

...and personal lubricants.

All right. I ask you... what in the &*%^ ^%#$# do you need a *&%# personal lubricant for in your mother&*%$# carry on bag?! I am SO not going to the lavatory on this flight.

Or the airport bathrooms.

Now I'll just look around the waiting area and wonder who is packing the K-Y.

Baby Mobile of Doom

We have a really great mobile for the crib. We've had it since Athena was gestating, but we didn't use it with Athena until she had completely outgrown it. The whole reason why we neglected to use it is a really long story which (fortunately for you) can be summed up with two simple words: We're idiots.

But, now that we know how the mobile works, we were able to use it with Marcus, and he LOVES it. Well, he LOVED it, until tonight. He loves it no more. Why did this passionate affair have to end? I'm glad you asked.

It's a really nifty mobile. It plays three classical tunes and even has a remote control! For the ultimate lazy parent! It was expensive, so it was obviously also a gift from grandma.

Anyhoo, the thing was great when we needed to calm Marcus down. He was fascinated by it, and he could sit through a whole 20 minute piece of Bach and watch it go. However, yesterday during the Hours of Endless Wailing due to the FOUR teeth that are all breaking through at once (yes... FOUR), Chris may have sort of accidentally tossed it across the room a little bit, and it may have caused a little plastic something to come off. Not ALL the way off, mind you. That didn't happen until tonight.

When I put it into the crib.

With Marcus in the crib as well.

When suddenly the twirly bit came crashing down.

On Marcus' face.

He was none too pleased.

There was a pregnant pause when we just sort of looked at each other (a challenge in itself, as it was dark in the nursery, and he had a jumble of multi-colored circus animals and soft squishy shapes on his face) and then he let me have it. Screaming, kicking... but fortunately no bleeding.

So, if this actually really hurt him, he and Dylan can sit together and stare at the wall well into their old age. But for now, he's sleeping peacefully and seems to be forgiving us.

I will really miss the mobile though. Dammit.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kicked to the Curb

Athena has developed a special relationship with two of her toys. Up until recently, she would choose a toy at random to take to bed with her. Sometimes it was Dora. Sometimes it was a teddy bear. Sometimes it was "Kelly" (a doll). But lately, there are two toys she cannot bear to part with. She even takes them to daycare every day and brings them back again. And they ALWAYS come to bed with her.

"My dudicorn and my bankie."

She always says it the same way, in the same order, with the same inflection.

"My dudicorn and my bankie."
"My dudicorn and my bankie."
"My dudicorn and my bankie."

To translate:

"My unicorn and my blanket."

I have no idea what made these two items rise to the top of the food chain. She received both of these gifts in her first six months of life, but only now has she become completely attached to them. She has always liked the blanket (a hand-knitted, soft as all-get-out baby blanket from her Aunt Shelley and Uncle Dave) but she paid little mind to the stuffed unicorn from her grandma. Until about a month ago.

My theory regarding the sudden non-assunderable relationship... both toys are purple, which is her favorite color. Although she says they are blue. She still confuses "bur-ple" and "ballooooooo." We're working on it.

Anyway, tonight, she gathered up "My dudicorn, my bankie, and my deddy bayer." Whoa! What's this?! A teddy bear has infiltrated the fort? This particular bear was ALSO a gift in her first few days of life. It's a Build-a-Bear from my former boss (the hero), which she has since completely stripped naked. (All her toys are naked. It's weird.)

So we traipse into her bedroom with the whole crew in tow, when she suddenly gives me the bear.

"Go to DOOR!"


"Go to DOOR!"

"You want me to close the door?"

"No! Deddy Bayer Go to Door!"


And then she sighed with that sigh of exasperation she gets from daddy, snatched the bear out of my hand, tossed him out the door, and closed his ass out! Seriously. Dude is still face down outside of her room while she snoozes happily.

I pity the man she marries... whew! No slack. That bear did nothing, man, and he is OUT!

Maybe he and I need to go out for a brewsky. Poor guy...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ancient Library Secrets: Secret #1

And now I begin a new series, Ancient Library Secrets. Every now and again, I shall break all taboos and present to you one of the many ancient library secrets out there. I would say that when you are finished reading my whole series (which may not actually conclude until I perish), you could get an honorary Masters' Degree and thus call yourself a bonafide Librarian. Alas, these secrets are far too useful and practical for you to actually learn in library school. For that degree, you would need to go spend 36 hours at some accredited University taking very useful courses like Media Studies.

If you are yawning right now, rest assured that not ALL of my posts will be ancient library secrets. I'll just throw one out there every now and again.

Please keep in mind that by sharing these secrets, the ancient Order of Oook (read Terry Pratchett if you don't get it) shall attempt to hunt me down and destroy me. So please, don't tell them how to find me, lest this will be the only secret you get. Now, onward...

Ancient Library Secrets #1: You do not need to read a lot in your spare time to be a successful librarian.

Now, let me clarify something... you DO have to LIKE to read. You have to LIKE books. But you do not have to read tons of them to be successful. Obviously, for those of you who want to be medical librarians (and you know who you are), you can see how easy it would be to be a librarian without reading a lot in your free time. All you really need to read is the stuff you search through. And you should probably have some medical terms memorized, just so you seem competent. Although some charisma and a good medical dictionary can help you if you want to skip that step.

But for those of you who want to be Readers' Advisory librarians (like myself) and specialize in fiction/recreational reading... it may surprise you to learn that you do not need to read every book you recommend. In fact, most of the books I recommend I have never personally read. You just have to read a bit about authors, keep up with hot titles, and get some basic knowledge of genres. Of course, a little charisma helps here too.

I think I have said enough. I should post before the Order of Oook finds me. Until my next post... adieu.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Be Myself!

Well, just when I had resigned myself to enjoying Disney alone, I found someone to hang with. I was actually sort of looking forward to trying to do it all alone, as I would have absolute complete control over my days... something that I NEVER have.

But now, my friend from Florida (well, really south Georgia) is going to join me. And I'm not complaining. We travel well together and I am always excited to see her. We went to college together. She and her husband and her two boys went on our Disney cruise with us. She just got back from France, and they are preparing to move to Columbia, SC (YAY, closer!), so I figured she wouldn't be able to go. But I finally got in touch with her today, and before I could even finish telling her what my plans were, she shouted, "I CAN GO!" I guess doctor's don't have to work. :-)

So although I was looking forward to going it alone, now this opens up a world of possibilities I wasn't really sure I could do by myself. For instance, going to Pleasure Island and drinking and whooping it up until 2am. Now, I can whoop and drink and feel much safer tottering home. Because, as you know, TWO drunk women in their mid-thirties are far less likely to get attacked than one.

Okay, okay... we'll be careful.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Best Skin in the Neighborhood

When I was nursing Athena, I developed... well, for the benefit of my mixed audience here... some skin problems in a particular area of my body that was getting... well, overused. A doula recommended a fairly expensive all-natural vitamin E oil, which I immediately purchased. It worked so well, I only used the tiniest bit of it. So I put it away on a shelf for a future need.

With Marcus, I had no need of it. It was expensive though, so I put it away on a shelf thinking it may come in handy one day.

It did.

For Athena.

Athena came upstairs while I was feeding Marcus, so I couldn't attend to her. Chris was downstairs putting the finishing touches on the pears we were making for Marcus, so he couldn't attend to her. And Chris had left the master bathroom door upstairs open out of pure habit. Recently, I added a door handle thingy so Athena can't get in because Athena has developed a fascination with toothpaste, but the safety handle only works if the door is shut.

Consequently, our unattended little Athena scooted her training potty next to the real potty, climbed up onto the real potty using her potty as a step, then stood up to reach my medicine shelves and grabbed... what else... the Vitamin E oil.

Of course, the lid is a normal, run-of-the-mill lid. The oil is not poisonous. If you drank the whole bottle, I imagine your poop would be nice and slippery. But it matters not, as I don't think she ingested any, judging by the amount of oil that was smeared on the big-girl potty, little-girl potty, floor, her nightgown, and tracked across the master bedroom into her bathroom, where she was smearing it on the sink.

I plopped her in the bath, then made Chris wash her hair as punishment for leaving her unattended. New rule... he who leaves the kid alone has to clean up the gooey mess.

The plus side? Her skin is baby soft and she smells really expensive.

Plans Moving Forward

Well, I booked myself a ticket to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party for the Monday night I'm there. When I called to book, the agent on the phone went on and on about how she had just gone to a preview last night (the first real one is Saturday, I think) and told me how much fun I would have. I also picked up a dining package, since I was pretty certain that I would never find someone to go with me.

And then, I may have found someone to go with me. Only drawback (and this is a drawback for her, really... not me) is that she is pregnant. I've been to Disney just about as pregnant as she is, and it's not bad, but there are many rides you just really can't risk riding, so she'll need to bring a book. Again, not the worst way to spend a vacation. And there is plenty to do in the parks without riding rides.

So, if she can go, HOORAY! If she can't, I'm totally cool. Now I have to go plan where I want to eat. I love vacations.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Okay, So I Lied

Well, "lied" is a harsh word. Let this be a lesson to you, kiddies. Never post while depressed. It just makes you look like an immature nitwit later.

So just when I feel I have nothing to say, I turn a corner and WHAM! My life is full of excitement. Well, "excitement" is a harsh word. Let's just say, life doesn't suck so much.

I have a bunch of stuff going on at work that is just yucky and stressful and really not even worthy of commenting on. Besides, it's all stuff I really can't talk about anyway, so there you go.

But, I booked my trip to Disney for September 30. Four days without any companionship. Well, "any" is a harsh word. I will see my Mom for dinner one night, as she will be in Orlando with her best friend... just not staying at Disney.

I'm a little bummed that I haven't found anyone who can go with me yet, but even if no one can go, I'm good. I have a reservation for a wine tasting (something Chris despises, and the kids can't do). I have some thoughts on which parks I'll visit, and I can do it all at my own pace. I'll read, cross stitch, do Sudoku, swim, soak, and ride rides. I may even NAP! My days will be very full. I'm scoping out where there may be wine bars (there is one in the contemporary) where I can hang out and read... possibly see fireworks... and watch people.

When I called to make my reservations for dinner with mom and for the wine tasting, I asked the woman for suggestions for a single (that is, married, but not bringing the kids and husband) woman to do. She had NO IDEA. I imagine people don't go to Disney alone very often. So I'm going to troll the web tonight to see if anyone has posted suggestions.

The offer is still open to anyone who might be interested. Free lodging... Let me know!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Waning Interest

Since my blog readership has seemed to dwindle (except for you few devotees out there... and I love ya!), I think I am also losing interest. Blogging recently caused quite a bit of friction in my personal life and my work life has contained much friction just as a general rule here of late. So I think I may take a break. Perhaps after my vacation (wherever I end up actually getting to go), I will feel recharged and I will want to resume my inane little posts. In the meantime, I'm still reading yours, so keep it up! :-)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Spontaneous Side

ISO someone to go to DisneyWorld with me at the end of the month. I'm going for four days. Mom put the idea into my head, and I suddenly realised that I haven't had a "girls' trip" since before I had kids. However, she already has plans that weekend.

This will be the first time I am away from both Chris and the kids doing something fun since before Athena entered the picture.

I may not go to Disney. I may go see my sister in San Fran. The trouble with that is 1-I don't want to fly across the country without an iPod or my cross stitch or my laptop, 2-I don't want to spend most of my four days off traveling, 3-I don't want to hang out by myself while my sister works.

If I'm going to be by myself, I'd rather be at DisneyWorld. So... anyone want to come along? It's pretty cheap, as I would be footing the lodging with timeshare points. The International Food and Wine festival will be going on at EPCOT. Any takers?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jackson Harold, You Are a Bum

Jack, you need to fix your voicemail, dude. I tried to call you when I said I would, and I just get this weird voice mail. So don't be complaining that I never call. I do... but I don't seem to have the number right.

Or... you just have an annoying voice mail message.

Either way, I can't seem to reach you, so I am posting this for EVERYONE to see. Now we all know that I do... indeed... call you. Nyah.

The Smartest Card - The Coolest Day

Kevyn Adams is the official North Carolina Spokesperson for the Smartest Card campaign this year. Have I lost you? Fair enough. Kevyn Adams = hockey player for the Carolina Hurricanes and all-around great guy. Smartest Card Campaign = American Library Association initiative (annually done in September) to encourage people to sign up for a library card. Better? Cool.

Anyway, the State Library serves as the main point of contact for this event, and each library system in the state liaises (I can make a verb out of anything...) with the State Library to get materials and ideas for their own individual campaigns. In past years, a celebrity serves as the "face" for the campaign all over the country. Last year, for example, it was George Lopez. This year, ALA decided each state should choose their own "local" celeb, and North Carolina asked the Hurricanes if someone wanted to do it. They sent us Kevyn Adams, bless them eternally.

Since we are in Raleigh, the State Library asked if we could host the kick-off press conference in one of our libraries, and our liaison (who works at my "old" library and now has my "old" job) said "I know JUST the place!" So she (her name is Brandy) hosted them there. And, since she knows me and likes me, she asked if I would come help out. Okay, really... I DEMANDED that she let me come help, but whatever... details.

So Kevyn showed up at about 11:40 today in his Hummer for an 11:30 press conference. But no one really minded that he was late. He didn't seem at all flustered or nervous, and he did a great job. First he spoke a bit about how his mom felt it was very important that he do things other than hockey, and reading was one of them. He read a book to about ten 5th graders from a local Elementary school. They are all Safety Monitors at school, and this was a little reward for them.

He read The Magic Hockey Stick and filled the kids in on hockey vocabulary ("lumber," "assist," and "hat trick") as he read. I suspect most of the kids in the room knew these terms, but were WAY too shy to speak up in front of their hero. One little girl did give the definition of a "hat trick" and she seemed terrified. But she did great! I was going to post their pictures... but internet safety... blah blah blah... so you'll just have to imagine how cute they were.

After he read, he signed autographs for all the kids, and one young man boasted to Kevyn that he was there when the 'Canes won the cup back in June and how fantastic that was. So Kevyn asked him if he'd be there this season too, to which the young man said, "Well, I'm not really that much of a hockey fan." Laughs all around, and Kevyn followed up with "So you were just on the bandwagon, eh?" Many chuckles from the press and myself.

He signed one young lady's jersey and when he finished, he said, "You'd probably rather have Staal's autograph, but that's what I can do." More laughs, especially from me. (Staal is the young up-and-coming heartthrob of the team for those of you who aren't hockey fans... and need I remind you... you SHOULD be hockey fans.) When he mentioned Staal, one of the teachers there commented that Staal had come to their school a couple of years ago, to which Kevyn replied, "Can that guy read?!" Even more chuckles. A good time.

When the kids were all cleared away from the table, Brandy and I asked if he'd pose with us, which he was more than happy to do. As I stood beside him, I mentioned that I WOULD be there next season, which he laughed about and joked that you can't ask kids questions you don't know the answer to because you never know what they'll say. Too true, Kevyn. Too true.

Finally, Kevyn got his library card. His wife already has one, but he had not yet gotten one for himself. I swear I've never had more fun seeing someone get a library card. What a fantastic guy and what a great thing for North Carolina libraries. If you live in the area, check out the news tonight. We should be covered! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

Marcus' New Toy

We got Marcus an Excersaucer to keep his hands busy. He loves it SO much. we took this picture the first day he got it. What we love most about it is that he can move his chair around the activity table, so Athena can play with one side while he plays with the other. Of course, she always wants to play with the side he's on, but we're working on it. Posted by Picasa

See What I Mean?

Here is a fine example of Athena playing with the side Marcus is on.

And here is also a fine example of why I fear my son may become a lounge singer. Posted by Picasa

The Princess and Her Toys

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Yes, I Know She Needs a Haircut...

She's getting a trim next weekend. About time, eh? Posted by Picasa

Athena With a Perm!

No. We didn't REALLY perm her hair. (HA! Like she would sit still long enough.) But she was playing airplane with Aiden's dad, and Voila! We can see her face! :-) Posted by Picasa