Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Vampire Athena

We've been having a little problem with Athena biting her friends at daycare. Okay, honestly... it's just one friend lately. The following is a series of emails between that friend's mom and myself.

Email one:

Subject: Christmas list for Athena
From: Friend's mom

1. A sports mouthgard
2. One of those cones they put on animals after surgery
3. Lots of peanut butter
4. Picture book version of "How To Win Friends and Influence People"
5. Some fava beans and a nice Chianti (why stop at one course, when you can have the full meal?)

Don't worry Aiden still loves his Athena. We are considering picture books on how to deal masochism for him. ;-)

My reply:

Like I told your husband this morning... she only bites the ones she loves. So Aiden should feel honored. :-)

Besides, perhaps this is her way of teaching him to stand up for himself. Tough love and all.

Or, it's just her initiation ritual so he can officially be a part of her posse.

On the flip side, she totally wanted to do whatever Aiden did yesterday morning, adding another ten minutes to my tardiness to work while she poked at Chocolate Chip the Bunny.

I'm completely okay with you telling Aiden to bite her back. Or her hand, or whatever happens to be handy.

Of course, one of those cones would be REALLY funny...

By the way, I'm totally posting this email on my blog.

Her reply to me:

My coworker says her cat Belle will be done with her cone (she got fixed last week) in a few days. She also said it was adjustable and that we could have it. So just say the word ...

In the meantime I told Aiden to tell Athena that biting isn't nice. I can't bring myself to ask him to bite someone. That kind of thing could completely backfire. I can hear the judge now, "and your son tells me that you told him to bite the plaintiff."

So when does he get the colored handkerchief as a member of her posse? I'm assuming it is pink or purple with little unicorns in a check pattern. I really don't think John will let him wear it (something about it not being manly) but it would be a nice memento. Or double as a tourniquet to stop the blood flow from the latest bite. :-)

Post away, I'm sure they'll look back and remember it fondly. I know I'll look back and laugh my head off.

*********************end emails**************************

So let me just say that I just ordered the little duo a little something something for Christmas that she will love and John will hate. Stay tuned...


Sophie said...

What's Chocolate Chip the Bunny? And can I adopt him?

I witnessed Saturday night how much Aiden LOVES "tina". He went completely bezerk when her picture popped up on Elizabeth's screen saver.

eaf said...

Chocolate Chip is the white rabbit with black spots that serves as a classroom/school pet. They also have a guinea pig and a bird. Used to be two birds. Apparently, Share went off to birdy heaven, leaving Sunny all on her own.

Anonymous said...

Sunny and Share...you've got to be kidding!!

I can attest that the biting *does* go away...eventually. 'Tis not an easy road to go, but it will go away. Gosh, my 6yo Sofie hasn't bitten anyone since, hmmmm, last week...just kidding(smirk) Biting stopped around 3, but then slapping/punching/etc commenced. It's a battle that will go from biting to punching/slapping to sassing(btw, that hits its prime around 1st or 2nd grade and I'm guessing only gets worse the older they get.) Ain't parenting grand.

Sophie said...

Awww... I bet the bunny is so cute!! If they ever want to get rid of the rabbit, and can't find a home for him, please let them know about the Rabbit Sanctuary in Simpsonville, SC.


Chocolate Chip the Bunny would have a good life there with his other bunny friends.

Jessey said...

Man oh man...
My Elizabeth isn't much of a biter, she's not very aggressive...though her dad taught her to say "I'll jackstomp you!" which could be misinterpreted.

Our killer is Dylan who LOVES to pull hair. LOVES.

eaf said...

Oh, Marcus is a hair-puller too. I can't put him on my shoulders unless I'm trying to torture myself. He holds your hair and leeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaans way back. Owwwie.

Chris said...

The worst part is the laughter. He pulls and giggles like it's the funniest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. first childhood lovers :)

Jessey said...

I can TOTALLY relate to that!
Unfortunately for his sister, she is his preferred victim. He loves nothing better than reaching back into the shopping cart and grabbing a big fistful of Elizabeth hair.
She freaks out. Obviously.

"Dy-LAN! Let go of my hair! That is NOT NICE!"

Chris said...

Yeah, Athena just says "Oww! Oww oww!"

Jessey said...

Elizabeth goes for full-out admonishing in the middle of Walmart. She's very good at it.