Monday, November 27, 2006

The Battle of the Wills

Are you ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cue house music*

Round One (yesterday)

Mommy Librarian: Athena, if you take your nap, we can go see some dancing penguins, okay?

Athena: Dancing penguins?

ML: Yep. At the movies. But you have to go to sleep now. You have to really take a nap or we won't go.

Athena: A nap?

ML: Yep

Athena: Then we see penguins?

ML: Yep

Athena: Okay

*one hour later*

Athena: *sleepily opening her bedroom door* Mommy?

ML: You wake up?

Athena: *barely audible* I wanna see penguins.

Round One goes to... TIE! (Mommy and Daddy should have specified a longer nap)

Round Two (Yesterday)

ML: Athena, if you don't stop throwing your popcorn, we're leaving the dancing penguins.

Athena: *throwing popcorn* I wanna go see Daddy (who is currently in the breezeway letting Marcus crawl around)

ML: Okay

Athena: *running around the theater, after giving Daddy a cursory hello*

ML: We're leaving

Round Two goes to... TIE (Athena didn't seem to care and we didn't get to see how the movie ended)

Round Three (This morning)

ML: Athena, do you want orange or banana for breakfast?

Athena: mmmmmmmm.... Dora Snacks!*

ML: That wasn't a choice. Orange or banana.

Athena: *whining* Dooooooooooora Snaaaaaaaaaaaacks!

ML: Fine, you get an orange.

Athena: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo... no orange! Dora Snacks!

ML: *peeling a Clementine* How about an orange AND Dora Snacks?

Athena: Noooooooooooooooooooo... no ORANGE!

ML: Okay. This orange is for Marcus then.**

Athena: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! My orange!

ML: No, it's for Marcus


ML: Okay, here you go. Marcus will be so disappointed.

Athena: *taking the orange slices to Marcus and sticking them in his face* MINE! MY oranges!


*For the offspringless, Dora Snacks are gummy snacks in the shape of characters from Dora the Explorer. If you have a dark sense of humor, as we do, you will find these very entertaining as your daughter says, "This is Benny the Bull! I like him! I eat him!" and then gobbles him up. Classic chuckles all around.

**For the record, I would not feed my eight-month old whole chunks of Clementine, in case you were worried.


Jessey said...

At least you can still trick her into naps. I have to use the old "ride in the car" fiasco to get my toddler to bed.

Anonymous said...

I should have forewarned about the penguin was hard for my 6yo to sit through, I can imagine how tough it was for Athena!!

eaf said...

I knew it was kind of long, but I figured that between the penguins and the music, it would keep her interest. I think actually it just made her antsy. She wanted to shake her tailfeathers.

Cathy said...

Wow! I can't wait for the battle of wills to begin. I guess I can threaten to feed the orange to the dog. Hopefully, Ian won't shake his fruit in front of Kelsey. She'll definitely eat them.

A Girl From Texas said...

Funny. I guess it is a battle of wits. Lots of strategy involved.