Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou, Mommy Librarian?

Friday, December 1: Took day off work to prepare for two holiday parties. I like to refer to this day as "The Day I Pretended to be Rich." Got my nails done, shopped at Nordstrom for something to wear to Chris' work holiday party, went to said party and enjoyed an open bar and good food (three courses plus an appetizer buffet), and Chris got his company gift... a Zune. Score.

Saturday, December 2: Spent the day preparing food for annual Caran Holiday Party, and then proceeded to have said party. Very enjoyable evening. Less attendance than normal, but good friends were there and the night was a success. I also only drank beer and found I was not exhausted at the end of the evening. I won't be drinking wine at these parties again. It clearly wears me out.

Sunday, December 3: Recouperation.

Monday, December 4: Nuthin' special.

Tuesday, December 5: Thought it was a "nuthin' special" day, until 7:30 pm when I got a call at work from home telling me that Athena split her head open and needed stitches. Spent most of the night in the ER waiting room taking turns chasing a wild, up-way-past-bedtime toddler around.

Wednesday, December 6: Work. Then met Aiden and family at Firehouse Subs (after a fun-filled trip to Target for essentials) for "Kids Eat Free (And Entertain Each Other So We Don't Have To) Night."

Thursday, December 7: work, then hockey game.

Friday, December 8: Work, then Grandma's apartment complex to meet Santa. Athena simply eyed him from across the room all evening, but that's cool. She liked the cheese. She especially liked impaling the cheese on the little toothpicks.

Saturday, December 9: Chris rearranged some furniture and assembled a bookcase so now each child has a bookcase in his or her respective room... giving me a chance to actually get a bunch of crap off the floor in both rooms and split up their belongings so they can know whose is whose (something that becomes more important by the day). Earlier in the week, I purchased some bins for downstairs as well. The toys are taking over the house. It's scary. Then we went to a holiday party... something we are becoming really good at. Someone at the party suggested we do a "Calendar Girls" type calendar featuring the librarians of our county system. She was a librarian in our system. Needless to say, there was alcohol at this party. Fortunately, we all remained dressed.

Sunday, December 10: Attended... wait for it... a holiday party for my old library in Garner. Athena and I attended to participate in the white elephant exchange. I had been an honorary recipient of a handmade ornament we affectionately call "The Space Station" and it was time to pass it along. Athena brought a gift too, so they wouldn't know which container had the ornament. In exchange, Athena got a Billy the Big Mouth Bass, which she loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves. Loves it. Loves. *sigh* I got a red christmas tree that resembles a boot scraper. I think I preferred "The Space Station" actually. The singing fish is in Athena's room where she can see it, but not touch/activate it.

Monday, December 11: My car died. The alternator. I'm really lucky I was able to drive it to the dealership. Fortunately, Athena was getting her stitches out, which meant Chris was still on this side of town and we were able to do some fancy footwork to get me to work and the kids to daycare. Fortunately, for a price, the good folks at Saturn were able to bring it back to life. Not only did this set us back almost a grand, but I had to get a rental car, since they didn't HAVE an alternator and had to keep the car overnight until one could arrive via Fed-Ex. The plus? I got a Jeep Cherokee for 24 hours. Love those cars. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, December 12: Lunch with my former boss. Then a meeting for the committee which I have a strong love/hate relationship with. Then a night shift, that concluded with me learning that my friend who was expecting twins (I haven't mentioned it on this blog, so you didn't know about it) just lost them. She was about 15 weeks along. I haven't been able to talk to her... her husband talked to Chris, and now they aren't answering the phone. If I talk to her, I will be of no help, because I will just cry. If there is a service, I am going to try to attend. It's not local... but I'll do what I can.

So now you are up to date. Perhaps you see why I have not posted. I am going to bed now.


Brian A. said...

The singing Bass is only slightly less annoying than singing deer on the hood of a redneck jeep. I seriously want to shoot the electrical engineer that came up with these concepts.

Seriously though, sorry to hear about your friends. I can't imagine what they are going through.

Anonymous said...

I know I dont know your friends, but I cried anyway. I cant imagine the loss they feel.

Smooch Athena's boo-boo for me!

Sophie said...

Terribly sorry to hear about your friends, they must be devastated.

Anonymous said...

Sofie just picked up a Singing Scooby...I'm SO glad it lives at her other house!!

You've had a tough week or so. Rest woman, rest!!

Amy said...

That is terrible about your friend. I know a woman who that happened to and she and her family were devastated. Maybe crying with her would be a help.

And I'm so sad to hear about your Saturn Vue, only because when I get a new car that's what I'm getting and I don't like to hear bad things!

Chris said...

Alternator problems happen on all cars. I'm amazed it made it as far as it did with it failing.

The problems we've had with Saturn service are long and varied; a tale of woe and gnashing of teeth.

eaf said...

Although this service visit went incredibly well, all things considered.