Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Fickle Man

Okay... we all know I am crazy in love with my husband. In fact, "crazy" is an excellent word to use there. But anyway...

He does have this annoying tendancy to change his mind about things. This, by itself, isn't annoying. What is annoying (in that charming, funny way of course), is that when he changes his mind, he a) pretends he never ever felt differently (i.e. not acknowledging that he was wrong, heaven forbid) and b) he then gives me hell if I still feel the same way HE felt last week.

Chris used to always take the kids to daycare, as it was generally on his way to work. I only took them rarely. We always went a certain way. Then one day, unbeknownst to me, he switched to a different route. I did notice this by accident, when I realized he was still behind me while we were on our way one morning, and he should have turned way back. I saw where he exited instead, and realized he must have decided to take a different route.

So about a week after I noticed this (and for all I know, it was months after he had switched routes), we were taking the kids to school together for some reason. When I turned to go "the old way," he snorted and said, "I can't believe you go to daycare this way. I NEVER go this way."

Uh... dude... you TAUGHT me to go this way.

Example Two:
I brought my work laptop home with me two years ago when I went on maternity leave for Athena. It was his first look at the tools I was provided by my excellent, cushy county job. I pulled the computer from its case, and he snorted, "Gateway! What a piece of crap."

Chris is buying a laptop for his writing work now that he has had to surrender his old one to the People's Republic of Computers. He's shopping tonight and has selected the optimal laptop for his needs. Guess what brand it is?

And when I pointed out that he had once snorted at it, he said, "Well, they aren't that bad. And yours is old."

And they say WOMEN are fickle! Sheesh...


Chris said...

First off, with the drive to daycare, my job location changed and the construction on Davis cleared up, so it *was* a better way to go, especially when they started the other construction on High House. We do not live in a static world. :-P

The second - I've never been impressed with the Gateway desktops, but the specs on the laptops I looked at were pretty good. I haven't found any horrible messages about them either.

Amy said...

My husband does that sometimes. But his usual MO is for me to tell him something (it can be a piece of gossip, something serious, whatever) and then later - could be five minutes, could be a week - will tell it to me as though it was his own thought. Sometimes when I call him on it he'll say oh, you did tell me that, didn't you. But more than likely he just pretends he has no idea what I'm talking about.

eaf said...

Dude, changing how you drive to work has nothing to do with how you drive to daycare. When you change locations, you are still going from the daycare to the jobsite.


Bern said...

That's why we love our fickle men !:)

Jessey said...

My husband is the same way. It's not merely annoying, it's maddening. And he can't understand why I can't make any plans since HE keeps changing his mind about what he wants to do, where he wants to go etc etc...

All the worse is when he MAKES UP his mind but tells NOONE what he has decided, YET he expects the world (and of course, me) to carry on around him as though we can read his mind. When we (the world and I) naturally fail to adhere to his hidden expectations...whoa. Watch out.
You may be able to determine that we had a small *teensy* argument about this very thing this very morning.
It started over dirty socks.
Dirty socks.