Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's a Great Day for the Fair!

Okay, I'm slow in posting, but Chris was so quick to get some up that I have just dawdled. Here are some pictures of us at the North Carolina State Fair on opening day... Posted by Picasa


Sophie said...

Phew! I got scared for a second. I'm assuming this little boy is Aiden and not Marcus!!! For a brief moment, I thought he had transformed himself into a two year old. As for Athena, when did she grow up?????? I need to see those kids again soon!

eaf said...

Ha! Yes, that's Aiden. :-) Sorry about that. Marcus is big, but he's not THAT big!

Jessey said...

I never did post Dylan's numbers for comparison.
Your Marcus is almost at big as a 9 month old! A fat one too.
I gotta find those stats!