Monday, October 09, 2006

Day Three of the Disney Trip: Middle of the Magic

To continue from my previous post that summarized the first two days of my trip, here is the mid-day of the trip. Final two days should be posted soon.

On Monday, we started the day at Animal Kingdom. Sticking with our "thrill rides" theme, we rode Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, and Expedition Everest (the newest, and therefore most crowded, attraction). We were unable to get Fast Passes for various reasons that include, but are not limited to, poor decision-making on our part. We waited on line for Kali River, and once again... the sign said 20 minutes, but we got "the tag" and we ended up waiting about 45 minutes.

In case you are curious about "The Tag," this is how it works. The Cast Member (as they are wont to be called) at the entrance of the line hands someone (at random? with red hair? every twenty minutes? I don't know) a tag that the person is then supposed to hand to the attendant who puts him or her on the ride. Buttons are pressed at each place (think "stopwatch") and voila! They know how long the wait is... because you just waited it! It is my theory that they give the tags to every redhead, because 1) Alice is a redhead and she got the tag three times in three days, 2) I have been to Disney 14 times now and have NEVER gotten the tag before (I am not a redhead), 3) They handed the tag to Alice, not to me, all three times, and sometimes I was closer to the cast member than she was (physically, not emotionally), 4) I saw the tag once more after Alice and I parted company, and it was in the hands of, you guessed it, a redhead, and 5) I've never been to Disney with a redhead before. Well... other than Alice. And she didn't get the tag at all any of the other times she has been to Disney. Hmmmm... okay, I amend my theory. Perhaps this was just "Redhead Pride Week" or something.

Sooooooooooo... we rode Kali River and didn't get very wet, which is a good thing. We then rode Dinosaur, which had no line. We hit Primeval Whirl, which was great fun, and finally we headed to Expedition Everest. We did the single rider line, because, let's face it, riding a coaster with someone you know is just as useful as riding it with a stranger. You're just screaming the whole time.

Good times, all around.

After Animal Kingdom, we had time to go back to the room and soak in the pool for an hour or so. I looooooooooooove the pools at Disney. They are heated just enough that they are still cool and refreshing, but you don't have to "get used to them." No icy water in the nether regions. It's wonderful.

We dressed and high-tailed it to EPCOT for 5:30 reservations at Alfredo Di Roma in Italy. I've eaten here many times, including on my Honeymoon, and I love the place. Unfortunately, due to the new dining plans, they have cut their menu WAY back. It used to be a novella. Now it's just an abstract. Very little pasta on it, which really made me sad because their pasta was so good. And now it's gone. A moment of silence for the linguine with basil pesto sauce.


A funny story from Alfredo's. I went to the bathroom because Nature called, but I stayed for the entertainment. One stall down from me, a little girl was apparently enthralled with the auto-flush toilets (which I loathe, incidentally, but that's a story for another day). According to her mother, who was venting to another woman, the little girl had been sitting on the potty for eight flushes now. I heard at least three of them while I was in there. Every time the toilet flushed, she laughed and said "Silly potty!" Her mother said (and I do quote here), "Yes, she has had a thorough and disgusting bath tonight."

Hey, who knew that you could have saved your Benjamins and just stayed home flushing the toilet?!

Monday night was "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party." It's $30 to get in (totally separate from Park Admission. Even Annual Passholders (like me) have to pay) and I was really concerned that it would be a giant rip-off. In fact, I've been to Disney several times when I could have gone, and have opted not to.

Basically, the Magic Kingdom is yours from 7pm to 12 midnight. It's completely gussied up for Halloween, and there are special parades and fireworks. There is also FREE CANDY! Okay, not so free, if you consider the admission, but you ALSO get to ride all the rides with a really low crowd level. We waited on NO lines for ANYTHING (although I admit we skipped Haunted Mansion and Pirates, as we did those Sunday night). And did I mention the candy?! There are trick-or-treat stations set up all over the park and they simply dump candy into your bag. Good stuff too! Sure, there are the dud candies... but not nearly as many as you get around your own neighborhood. And there were Twix bars, and Hershey's minis and Starburst and Sour Patch Kids and POP ROCKS!!!! Sweet!

Okay, the end of the trip wasn't so eventful, but I'll save it for another post. Can you stand the suspense?!


Sophie said...

Little hyped up on sugar, are we?

Jessey said...

I'm getting exciting just thinking about taking my little ones to Disneyland (-land not -world), alas, I think they're not QUITE old enough yet...
Here's where you admonish me...

eaf said...

Nope. I agree with you. You have to be crazy to take kids as young as ours to Disney. Ergo, off we go!

Actually, we are pretty sure Marcus isn't going with us. There is quite a bit for Athena to do there, though. She will enjoy, but won't remember. Which is good, since she will be going at least 16 more times until she moves out. :-)