Thursday, October 19, 2006

Friends Don't Let Friends Eat and Drive

Okay, I was just sitting down to type this, when my daughter streaked me. HAHA! You really have to be here. She ran from the bathroom to her room to get a new diaper in nothing but her socks. Classic. Oh, to have had the camera at the ready.

Anyway, today, I became the victim of a hungry driver. After dropping the kids off, I headed off to a library in town where I was to participate in a day of training sessions. On one particularly nasty bit of highway that is currently under construction and changes traffic patterns hourly, I merged right due to a left lane closure. For once, the lane closure was well-marked and I... well, let me script this for you (all words took place inside my brain unless otherwise stated:

Hmmmm... I can't believe that is so well marked. For once, this highway might not attract a nasty accident.

*checking rear view mirror* Yep, looks like everyone behind me sees it too, and look! People are being so nice and letting people in. Sometimes I love living in the South.

*checking clock* I should get to the library in plenty of time to prepare some visual aids. Excellent. I was worried about my late start.

*traffic slows to a slow roll*

*checking traffic* Wow! I'm so glad I don't have to commute this every day anymore. Poor Chris. I wish he didn't have to commute it.


CRAP! I'm glad that wasn't...

***sound of car cracking into car behind me***



(Out loud) DAMMIT!


Fortunately, no one was hurt. The woman driving the car two back from me apparently looked down to eat something. When she looked up, she realized she was hurtling into the back of a car. She applied her brakes. She hit said car. Said car hit me. The impact in both cases was square from behind. Her car is most likely totalled... it was only eight months old. Middle guy's car was damaged, but not really badly considering he served as the pinball in today's demonstration.

My good old Saturn bumper did exactly what it was supposed to do. It squished to absorb impact, then bounced back. However, Saturn estimates the parts alone will cost the perpetrator's insurance no less than $1300 as the entire rear hatch door has to be replaced. It can't be opened.

So I'm driving the car. Tomorrow I go to the chiropractor to make sure I didn't do any damage to my back, and then I call her insurance company with the info I have thus far. Fun!

Still, as far as accidents go, if you have to be in one, this wasn't bad at all.


Sophie said...

Glad you are ok!

Bern said...

Sorry that had to happen but glad you are ok!

Jessey said...

Ugh. Morons.
Oh our way from Flagstaff back home Bob and I witnessed a woman feeding a baby a bottle WHILE driving on Interstate 40 (aka Big Rig Central) at around 80 mph.

We almost mowed her down, just out of principle.

Staci said...

HOLY monkey...glad to know youre ok!!

Eating while driving? SHEESH! I can eat, put on make up, handle a sippy cup, AND talk on the cell phone while driving and not cause an accident. Amateur!

Anonymous said...

At least you will be getting your full due from insurance. I get robbed thru no fault of my own and I'm out $500 thanks to the damn deductible. Want to balance karma and split the loss with your good friend?

Anonymouslemming said...

Glad to hear that you're OK!

Brant said...

There are numerous billboards around here with a picture of a car and the headline "The world's deadliest restaurant"
A little childish perhaps, but probably all too true, the same....

Glad you're OK :)