Saturday, September 16, 2006

Be Myself!

Well, just when I had resigned myself to enjoying Disney alone, I found someone to hang with. I was actually sort of looking forward to trying to do it all alone, as I would have absolute complete control over my days... something that I NEVER have.

But now, my friend from Florida (well, really south Georgia) is going to join me. And I'm not complaining. We travel well together and I am always excited to see her. We went to college together. She and her husband and her two boys went on our Disney cruise with us. She just got back from France, and they are preparing to move to Columbia, SC (YAY, closer!), so I figured she wouldn't be able to go. But I finally got in touch with her today, and before I could even finish telling her what my plans were, she shouted, "I CAN GO!" I guess doctor's don't have to work. :-)

So although I was looking forward to going it alone, now this opens up a world of possibilities I wasn't really sure I could do by myself. For instance, going to Pleasure Island and drinking and whooping it up until 2am. Now, I can whoop and drink and feel much safer tottering home. Because, as you know, TWO drunk women in their mid-thirties are far less likely to get attacked than one.

Okay, okay... we'll be careful.


eaf said...

I should clarify that the person going with me is NOT the pregnant person, who decided she couldn't go and thoroughly enjoy herself, which is somewhat true. So there will be much rides rode and much drink drunk. Huzzah!

Jason said...

Just remember that 35 year old women who go out and try to party like they did when they were 25 end up feeling like they are 65 the next day.

eaf said...

Are you calling me old?

Trust me, I suspect that we will both be exhausted by 10pm. Which is fine. Because if we are there much later than that, all the 20-somethings will be laughing at the old ladies shaking their booties.

Bern said...

I'm sure Fernando will make you feel young :) But wait.. you are young, so nevermind.

Brant said...

y'know - it's not like y'all ever cruised on down to Columbia to see us... Now we know who your *real* friends are... :P

Jessey said...

I got news for you, 28 year old women who try to party like they did when they were 25 end up feeling 65 the next day too.
You should always party age-appropriately.