Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kicked to the Curb

Athena has developed a special relationship with two of her toys. Up until recently, she would choose a toy at random to take to bed with her. Sometimes it was Dora. Sometimes it was a teddy bear. Sometimes it was "Kelly" (a doll). But lately, there are two toys she cannot bear to part with. She even takes them to daycare every day and brings them back again. And they ALWAYS come to bed with her.

"My dudicorn and my bankie."

She always says it the same way, in the same order, with the same inflection.

"My dudicorn and my bankie."
"My dudicorn and my bankie."
"My dudicorn and my bankie."

To translate:

"My unicorn and my blanket."

I have no idea what made these two items rise to the top of the food chain. She received both of these gifts in her first six months of life, but only now has she become completely attached to them. She has always liked the blanket (a hand-knitted, soft as all-get-out baby blanket from her Aunt Shelley and Uncle Dave) but she paid little mind to the stuffed unicorn from her grandma. Until about a month ago.

My theory regarding the sudden non-assunderable relationship... both toys are purple, which is her favorite color. Although she says they are blue. She still confuses "bur-ple" and "ballooooooo." We're working on it.

Anyway, tonight, she gathered up "My dudicorn, my bankie, and my deddy bayer." Whoa! What's this?! A teddy bear has infiltrated the fort? This particular bear was ALSO a gift in her first few days of life. It's a Build-a-Bear from my former boss (the hero), which she has since completely stripped naked. (All her toys are naked. It's weird.)

So we traipse into her bedroom with the whole crew in tow, when she suddenly gives me the bear.

"Go to DOOR!"


"Go to DOOR!"

"You want me to close the door?"

"No! Deddy Bayer Go to Door!"


And then she sighed with that sigh of exasperation she gets from daddy, snatched the bear out of my hand, tossed him out the door, and closed his ass out! Seriously. Dude is still face down outside of her room while she snoozes happily.

I pity the man she marries... whew! No slack. That bear did nothing, man, and he is OUT!

Maybe he and I need to go out for a brewsky. Poor guy...


Chris said...

Too funny. She is such a character.

Chris said...

She's funny like that, though. Sometimes she is being perfectly clear in what she wants, but you just can't imagine that what it is she's saying is that. If that makes any sense.

Brant said...

I think all women are like that - it's nature, not nurture...

Jessey said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I laughed so hard reading this. It's like a page from the book of my life.

It must be the two to three year old age group, but they are all crazy, bossy, violent and mean.
But also lovey, kissy, and sweet.
Go figure.

Sophie said...

Feisty little one!

Jason said...

Bwah hahahahahaha...
I wonder what Teddy said that hacked her off so bad? That's great!

Shelley said...

Go Bankie!!!!!