Thursday, September 14, 2006

Best Skin in the Neighborhood

When I was nursing Athena, I developed... well, for the benefit of my mixed audience here... some skin problems in a particular area of my body that was getting... well, overused. A doula recommended a fairly expensive all-natural vitamin E oil, which I immediately purchased. It worked so well, I only used the tiniest bit of it. So I put it away on a shelf for a future need.

With Marcus, I had no need of it. It was expensive though, so I put it away on a shelf thinking it may come in handy one day.

It did.

For Athena.

Athena came upstairs while I was feeding Marcus, so I couldn't attend to her. Chris was downstairs putting the finishing touches on the pears we were making for Marcus, so he couldn't attend to her. And Chris had left the master bathroom door upstairs open out of pure habit. Recently, I added a door handle thingy so Athena can't get in because Athena has developed a fascination with toothpaste, but the safety handle only works if the door is shut.

Consequently, our unattended little Athena scooted her training potty next to the real potty, climbed up onto the real potty using her potty as a step, then stood up to reach my medicine shelves and grabbed... what else... the Vitamin E oil.

Of course, the lid is a normal, run-of-the-mill lid. The oil is not poisonous. If you drank the whole bottle, I imagine your poop would be nice and slippery. But it matters not, as I don't think she ingested any, judging by the amount of oil that was smeared on the big-girl potty, little-girl potty, floor, her nightgown, and tracked across the master bedroom into her bathroom, where she was smearing it on the sink.

I plopped her in the bath, then made Chris wash her hair as punishment for leaving her unattended. New rule... he who leaves the kid alone has to clean up the gooey mess.

The plus side? Her skin is baby soft and she smells really expensive.


Sophie said...

So unfair, kids already HAVE nice soft skin....

Chris said...

She smells really nice though.

Jessey said...

At least it wasn't Bag Balm in the carpet. That never comes out.
Or shiny sticky lipgloss opened up inside your purse.
Dang kids!
Instead of childproofing the bottles, I'm going to bottle proof my kid. I'm tying her up to a tree.

Bern said...

Atleast she didn't just pour it all down the toilet.

eaf said...

I think that would have been better, actually. This morning, I was still finding spots of oil on the bathroom floor. My technique for finding them? Slipping and nearly busting my ass.