Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ways to Throw Money Into a Huge Hole

Lately, we've really been watching our pennies. We pay the daycare almost twice what we pay for our house, so it really is taking a bite out of those paychecks.

Unfortunately, over the last five days, I've basically been watching those pennies sail out the door.

Today is Sunday. And this means coupon-cutting day for me. I open up all the Val-Pak and Money Mailers I got all week, and I also sift through the Sunday paper looking for sales and coupons.

When I opened my Val-Pak, what should appear but a BOGO (thanks, Sophie... that's "Buy One Get One Free for those not in on the acronym) for the very Irish pub we ate in at the last minute on Thursday night. That would be the same night we bought a jar of baby food because we had not planned to hit a restaurant right after collecting the kids from daycare that day. BAM! Had I just opened my mail when it actually came and perhaps thought to carry the coupon with me, I would have saved $9 on dinner. Crap.

Then, this morning, I found a 20% off entire purchase coupon for Linens N Things. I think that's a localish chain, so if you don't know what it is, it's Bed Bath and Beyond. Anyway, I thought... sweet! I need new pillows for our bed. I'll get those this morning when I run out to Target for groceries. Pillows were $20 for the set, so I paid $16. Yay me!

I went to Target and bought sweet potatoes (or yams... the war between the states still continues... even in food names) and came home to prepare them for my baby boy. This will be the third solid he's tried... after rice cereal and apples.

All was going well, when suddenly my food processor lid got stuck. So, of course, determined to get back into those sweet potatoes I'd so diligently microwaved, I forced the lid, thereby breaking off a piece of it.

Unfortunately, that piece was the piece that informed the mechanisms within said food processor that the lid was closed and it was therefore safe to allow the blade to spin. So the whole machine was rendered useless.

This wouldn't have been so awful had I actually been done pureeing the potatoes. However, I was not done, as I still had to scrape down the sides and puree some more. Now, there was no pureeing to be done.

So I head back out to... guess where... to get the damn lid for the damn processor. No coupon in hand, I know full well that it's possible they don't sell pieces and parts. Now that I'm home and online, I know that the lid, ordered direct from KitchenAid, would have cost me 15 bucks. But I needed to finish the potatoes now, lest they go bad, so I bought a new processor... sans coupon. The good news... it looks really great! It's chrome. And it's much quieter than my old one. I think it also holds more.

The old one was close to ten years old, but it was well taken care of. Damn. Now you know why I'm broke. Most people would have just tossed the potatoes and ordered the replacement. But little Ms. Instant Gratification can't do that. Nope. Gotta waste WAY more money than that.


I suppose "waste" isn't fair. I use my food processor a lot. At least I did before Dream Dinners. Hmmmmmmmm... I'll have to be sure I keep using it a lot. Maybe I need to make my own peanut butter....


Amy said...

I think the way to be able to save money is to not think about the fact that you need to save it. It seems like once you start thinking "yay, I'm out of the hole" something happens. Stupid karma.

And to be a snot, sweet potatoes and yams are two totally different things. it's not just a state war game. although technically, anything sold in the U.S. and labeled as yams are actually sweet potatoes. or so i've read.

Sophie said...

We are having the yams/sweet potato war at home too.... result is the same though. No matter what we call it, Elise is eating so that is good! Had we not moved, I would have rushed over WITH the coupon you needed, and my food processor to help you out. Sorry :(

Jason said...

We stockpile our BB&B and L&Ts coupons, too. There's a stack of them here. More reason to move to Charlotte!