Monday, September 25, 2006

Baby Mobile of Doom

We have a really great mobile for the crib. We've had it since Athena was gestating, but we didn't use it with Athena until she had completely outgrown it. The whole reason why we neglected to use it is a really long story which (fortunately for you) can be summed up with two simple words: We're idiots.

But, now that we know how the mobile works, we were able to use it with Marcus, and he LOVES it. Well, he LOVED it, until tonight. He loves it no more. Why did this passionate affair have to end? I'm glad you asked.

It's a really nifty mobile. It plays three classical tunes and even has a remote control! For the ultimate lazy parent! It was expensive, so it was obviously also a gift from grandma.

Anyhoo, the thing was great when we needed to calm Marcus down. He was fascinated by it, and he could sit through a whole 20 minute piece of Bach and watch it go. However, yesterday during the Hours of Endless Wailing due to the FOUR teeth that are all breaking through at once (yes... FOUR), Chris may have sort of accidentally tossed it across the room a little bit, and it may have caused a little plastic something to come off. Not ALL the way off, mind you. That didn't happen until tonight.

When I put it into the crib.

With Marcus in the crib as well.

When suddenly the twirly bit came crashing down.

On Marcus' face.

He was none too pleased.

There was a pregnant pause when we just sort of looked at each other (a challenge in itself, as it was dark in the nursery, and he had a jumble of multi-colored circus animals and soft squishy shapes on his face) and then he let me have it. Screaming, kicking... but fortunately no bleeding.

So, if this actually really hurt him, he and Dylan can sit together and stare at the wall well into their old age. But for now, he's sleeping peacefully and seems to be forgiving us.

I will really miss the mobile though. Dammit.


Jessey said...

Dylan survived his mishap totally intact. I'm sure Marcus will be fine!

We also had the many teeth pop through at once thing happen here last, not the MOST fun!

Bern said...

I'm sure Marcus will remember that :)