Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Okay, So I Lied

Well, "lied" is a harsh word. Let this be a lesson to you, kiddies. Never post while depressed. It just makes you look like an immature nitwit later.

So just when I feel I have nothing to say, I turn a corner and WHAM! My life is full of excitement. Well, "excitement" is a harsh word. Let's just say, life doesn't suck so much.

I have a bunch of stuff going on at work that is just yucky and stressful and really not even worthy of commenting on. Besides, it's all stuff I really can't talk about anyway, so there you go.

But, I booked my trip to Disney for September 30. Four days without any companionship. Well, "any" is a harsh word. I will see my Mom for dinner one night, as she will be in Orlando with her best friend... just not staying at Disney.

I'm a little bummed that I haven't found anyone who can go with me yet, but even if no one can go, I'm good. I have a reservation for a wine tasting (something Chris despises, and the kids can't do). I have some thoughts on which parks I'll visit, and I can do it all at my own pace. I'll read, cross stitch, do Sudoku, swim, soak, and ride rides. I may even NAP! My days will be very full. I'm scoping out where there may be wine bars (there is one in the contemporary) where I can hang out and read... possibly see fireworks... and watch people.

When I called to make my reservations for dinner with mom and for the wine tasting, I asked the woman for suggestions for a single (that is, married, but not bringing the kids and husband) woman to do. She had NO IDEA. I imagine people don't go to Disney alone very often. So I'm going to troll the web tonight to see if anyone has posted suggestions.

The offer is still open to anyone who might be interested. Free lodging... Let me know!


Chris said...

I have final veto authority on who goes. :-)

Bern said...

I'm glad you lied:)

Here's a couple of suggestions to do solo at Disney:
Parasailing and get pampered at Grand Floridian Spa.
Here's more :

It sure sounds like fun! Wish I could go with you :(

Brian A. said...

I have an idea but it involves Snow White's castle, a catapult and various themepark mascots.

Jason said...

My idea involves exploring the employee tunnels.

eaf said...

I found that article last night after I posted, Berni, and it was really helpful. Parasailing sounds awesome and I plan to do the spa at Saratoga Springs (which is where I'm staying) IF Chris has a new job by then. Otherwise, I will try to restrain since we really can't spare the cash.

Employee tunnels tour costs $199. I already looked into it. However, I could do it for free and hope to actually get somewhere before I get arrested. Instead of the tunnels, I may do a backstage tour of Animal Kingdom where you get to see how they take care of the animals. It's only $85, I think, and that's before my discount as a vacation club member.

eaf said...

Oh, and Chris... I guess I'll have to tell Fernando, the Cabana boy, not to come visit. Drat.

Chris said...

Fernando says no.

Jason said...

You're kidding! They actually do a tour???

Sophie said...

Jason, Disney will take you anywhere if they can get money for it.