Monday, July 31, 2006

A Day That Should Have Turned Out Differently

Despite the fact that I seem to have caught Chris' "allergies," I have been feeling pretty good. This morning, I awoke feeling recharged and ready to tackle my day. I got Marcus ready for his day (Athena chose to sleep in a bit) which included changing, dressing, feeding, and preparing bottles. For the first time since I came back from maternity leave, I actually left home on time and got to work... well, on time! Wahoo!

Soon, it became apparent that everyone returned from their summer vacations today with massive armloads of books that needed returning. I have never seen so many books come through the door. We just couldn't keep up. Of course, keeping up was made even more difficult by the massive leak that had sprung from the HVAC system that was streaming water right between the bookcarts in our workroom. Better than ON them I suppose...

So our service guys had to come out and place a HUGE ladder in our relatively SMALL workroom while we ran about like rats in an obstacle course trying to put books onto carts so they could get back out on the shelves. I stepped into the workroom to help out and ended up in there all morning.

Before I could get away for lunch, I was asked to help again, which I did, although I had only stopped helping about ten minutes before that. So none of my own work got done.

I came home from lunch and realized, to my utter horror and dismay, that I... well, let's just say that I became sick. I went back to work, but only to lock up my desk and prepare my office for a visitor who will be using it tonight. I packed up a couple of things that I could work on at home, and headed out.

But wait... "Elizabeth, there is someone here who wants to talk to you about Book Clubs." Okay... I sit back down. I listen to said person. I agree that she has some great ideas and give her my card. I get up to go.

But wait... the phone rings. It's Kathryn... and she's talking about work stuff. I'm waiting for my doctor to call back anyway to see if I can get in this afternoon, so I talk to her. She's brief because she is nice. I get up to go.

But wait... there is someone here who wants to talk to a manager about a new newspaper he's publishing in the area. He wants us to carry it. I start to realize the HUGE disadvantage of having my office right next to the circulation desk. I call one of the other managers (the one who actually handles our periodicals and newspapers) and I FINALLY make a hasty exit.

But not before sending an email to the enture staff telling them I will definitely be back tomorrow for my interviews and my evening shift. It wasn't until I actually was sitting at the doctor's office that I realized I don't WORK tomorrow evening. I work Thursday evening this week. Egad.

I go to the doctor's office because it is about a mile away and figured even if they haven't called me back, perhaps if I go and squat there, they will see me. It works, but it takes two hours and thirty minutes total. Plus side: I read Jenny McCarthy's latest book. It's not art, but it's mostly funny. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are a fan. Her first book... Belly Laughs... is my favorite of the three.

I get the prescription I need and head to the pharmacy. It's four by now. Any hope of getting a nap in before the family comes home is dashed. The dude at the counter is very nice and says my prescription will be ready in ten minutes. SWEET! I tuck into another book and in five minutes, he calls my name. YAY!

But wait... my prescription isn't ready. In fact, they only have ONE pill of what I need. Crap. It's off to Target.

Target fills my prescription very quickly. I may switch to them for everything. (Sorry, Eckerd). I get home. I have time to put two things in the kitchen away before the rest of the family walks in. Peachy.

So Athena and I chatted, I fed Marcus, Chris cooked, we all ate dinner, and we just finished baths. I've done none of my work at home. The guys are starting to arrive for Chris' weekly game night. I have a killer headache.

And I had NO idea this would turn out to be such a wasted day when I woke up. *sigh*


Amy said...

Umm, I don't know what kind of sick you got but it is making me feel nasty. If it makes you feel a bit better a client said they didn't want me doing their 45 minute hearing on Thursday, of which I spent about 4 hours over the past week and a half preparing for, because "she's not that experienced." Of course she didn't say it to me, she said it to my senior associate, who gave in to save me the added pressure. So now I'm doing all the prep work for the hearing but won't actually do it.

Jessey said...

Ugh. Sucky day!
At least noone threatened to urinate on your clothing!
Ah fun.

Bern said...

Hope you feel better soon! Take care.

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the compliment. In fact, I had no idea you were having such a bad day when I spoke to you. You're a very talented actress. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.