Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Star Is Born... Late

Hooray! Cathy and Kevin had a baby boy on Sunday... and he was only a few days late. (Typical male behavior, right?!) Labor wasn't really storybook, but it wasn't bad either. (Easy for me to say).

Ian Thomas was close to 8 pounds and he was around 20 inches long. All are home now and resting... as much as one can rest with a newborn.

Congrats to Mommy Cathy and Daddy Kevin! Let us know when you are all adjusted so we can bring our brood up to completely throw you off again!

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jen said...

Man, what is it with babies named Thomas arriving late? My brother and sister-in-law had Thomas Stewart on July 21st...but he was actually due on the 13th! And he was so content to stay where he was that they eventually just had to induce! Anyway, I love the name Ian...congrats to Mom and Dad!