Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Don't Take the Cake

Wednesday is Kathryn's birthday. (Happy Birthday, woman!) Today, Chris went to a friend's house to geek out. So... I called Kathryn yesterday to see if she and John and Aiden wanted to indulge in a Dream Dinner with me tonight. When she accepted, I also offered to make a cake for her birthday, assuming all went well today. We left the location up in the air (her place or mine) because I am so self-conscious about my messy home (not enough to do anything about it, mind you.)

So this morning, I chose a cake to make and sent Chris to the store for the ingredients. While Chris was gone, John called and asked if we could do this at their place. I was about to protest... as I would have to bring a cake and dinner and two kids without Chris' assistance... but then I thought several things: 1) I'm a whiner, 2) My house is a disaster, 3) Their house is NOT a disaster, 4) I can bake the cake here, but then actually decorate it there, so it wouldn't be as hard to transport, and 5) It IS Kathryn's birthday... so we should do this wherever she wants. I agreed, and planned my attack.

I packed extra clothes/diapers/bottles, etc. for the kids and then I baked the cake. Without getting into huge detail, the cake was a bit unstable as it had not yet been trimmed (baked in a bowl -- it resembled a Weeble), so I tried to Cling Wrap it to the plate. Then I made the tragic decision of the afternoon. I carried the cake out to the car in one hand, and the diaper bag in the other while hoping Athena wouldn't run out into the street. Let me just say that Weebles do, indeed, fall down when balanced on a plate about four feet off the ground. Let me also say that if you have never dropped a cake from such a distance, you should try it. It's pretty explosive. And finally, let me say that I have the happiest squirrels in the neighborhood. Not too many get to sample a Devil's Food cake.

So I showed up at my friend's house without cake, but with a Dream Dinner. Tonight was Pecan Crusted Chicken, and once again, Dream Dinners came through. To quote Kathryn, it was "scrumptious." Plus, their neighbors brought over chocolate chip cookies. So dessert was provided after all. Chris joined us after his game and we had a lovely evening watching the start of the Panthers game amid the delightful screams of two toddlers. Marcus just hung out in the bouncer seat and watched. No cake, but a good time anyway.


Kathryn said...

I feel really bad about the cake. This is one of those "it's the thought that counts" moments, but I know it is poor consolation at best. I almost want to shake my fist at your squirrels and shout "My cake" (to quote two somebodies we both know)! Dream Chicken more than made up for the cake debacle, so no worries.

I also apologize for causing you the agony of preparing to come to my place, I truly forgot you did not have your man with you. I really appreciate all you did today on behalf of my birthday and if it's any indication of how my [number deleted out of deference to you) year will go, then I look forward to it.

eaf said...

It was my pleasure. And thanks again for not reminding me how much younger you are than me. Oh, wait. You DID remind me. :-)

If the cake/diaper bag/two kids debacle taught me anything, it's that I need to get over my messy house and get whiney once in a while. Chris thanks you already.

Chris said...

You could have always taken the cake out first, followed by the children, then gotten some help bringing stuff in when you got there.

I guess I'm supposed to provide the logic to the relationship too. :-P That'll be my first salvo in the fight against you increasing your whining output.

eaf said...

Um... that's what I was doing. Cake first, then kids. Trouble is... I didn't close the door all the way (holding the cake plate with both hands). Diaper bag was on my shoulder. It slid down, Athena came out and cake fell over all at once.

Resume permission to whine.