Monday, August 07, 2006

My Life... Doesn't Suck

So I have this great circle of blogging buddies. some I know personally, others only through cyberspace. All of them seem to be hitting some sort of trauma this week. Perhaps it's a job, perhaps it's marriage, perhaps it's keeping their blog a secret for well over a year and finally facing discovery...

So I'm here to say... well... sheesh... nothing really. There is totally nothing wrong with my life right now. I mean, Chris doesn't like his job, but he's still suffering through it for the greater good until he can get something better. But other than that... all is peachy.

Even with our huge financial woes... things are looking up. My biggest stress this week comes from the fact that I am delivering three performance evaluations to three good employees. Um... yeah... can we say, "Totally irrelevant compared to cheating husbands and crappy jobs?!"

So I have to wonder... is an axe about to fall? Do I need to prepare myself? Or am I just the luckiest person in the world right now? For those of you suffering horrible, horrible days and nights... I'm here for you. If nothing else, I can be a shoulder while my world remains intact. :-)


Amy said...

Well if you're wondering he didn't find my blog, and I didn't tell him. It's so stupid, he's only going to be mad because I didn't tell him, not at the fact that I have it.

Jessey said...

I don't think you should wait for the axe to fall. If you don't think there's an axe up there, there's probably not.

See, I knew. I knew that we would not last forever. I think I probably knew going INTO the marriage that it was a bad idea. But what the hell can I say, I loved him.
He used to be good to me, but he probably was never good FOR me.

Now I'm changing locks and alarming windows against a drug addict. Nice. Fun. Good choice.
I've been banned from ever selecting a man to be in my life ever again, my friends have taken veto power. It makes sense. I can't blame them.

eaf said...

Yuck. I had a real tendency to pick bad eggs for myself as well. In fact, that's why many of my friends were so skeptical of Chris when I met him. They thought he was just one more of the losers. Good thing they were wrong.

The good news... it will only get better for you from here... right?

The only real axe I feel right now has to do with "The Suck" (if you read Chris' blog, you'll know). His family all hate each other. It's tragic really. And I am not really wild about him being in New York tonight to hash it all out with them.

Brant said...

I've had a blog longer than any of y'all and I still feel like it's a secret! Must be nice to have friends who actually surf your blog every once in a while :)