Friday, August 11, 2006

Arch-Nemesis Sighting

One of the reasons I wanted to work at the library in my neighborhood is to see all of my own neighbors at my library. There's just something about being a librarian in your own community. But that also means that you get to see people that you... well... don't like as much.

At my old library, all of my patrons were strangers. Only once did someone I used to work with come in. He and his family live there, and although his wife and kids come in all the time, he rarely actually made it in... as his job (at my old job) was in Cary... and that commute is a bear. We've discussed this. Anyway, he is a really nice guy and it was great to see him.

Atmy new library here in Apex, I see people I know MUCH more regularly. Since the library is just down the road from where I used to work BEFORE I entered the public sector, many of my former coworkers still live around there.

And last night... I got the doozy. I am avoiding names of companies and names of the actual person here because she is the type who would Google herself. I think it's safe to use initials, though... so we'll just call her RL. And for those of you who don't have the "pleasure" of her acquaintance, let me sum up.

Lazy, passive-agressive, WAY overpaid, HUGE entitlement issues, negative, lying, cheating, waste of protoplasm. Okay, I take that last bit back... I think she's probably a pretty good mom. She is one of the main reasons I left the old job.

My friends have been gossiping about her... trying to figure out what she has done since she left the old job in not such a graceful way (albeit WAY more graceful than she deserved). So here she was, right in front of me... and I could have just feigned politeness and asked her... "so watcha been doing lately?" But as we stood there, looking at each other, I realized that all I wanted was for her to get out. So I avoided all possible conversation and waved her goodbye with a smile and a sigh of relief.

I'm not much on chi and karma and other "feely" things, but this woman just fills a room with negative energy. She just sucks it dry of any happiness. Gods help us if she ever goes to DisneyWorld. What a dreadful day that would be.

Anyhoo... my apologies to Susan, Jamie, Jaime and any of my other regular readers who I gossip with about RL... I know nothing more than we already do. (She was carrying her books in a bag emblazened with her new employee's logo... so that is confirmed.) I just couldn't stomach the conversation that might give us more fodder for our gossip. We can just make stuff up... :-)


jen said...

Hmmm. "Lazy, passive-agressive,...HUGE entitlement issues, negative, lying, cheating" are not necessarily qualities that make up a good mom, since she'd likely be passing them along to future generations. Then again, maybe she subscribes to the Do As I Say, Not As I Do school.

eaf said...

I agree that does seem a bit strange. But I think she sees work merely as a problem in her daily home life. I think she is way different at home than at work.

Maybe not...

Chris said...

Never give someone the arch-nemesis distinction. That's something that needs to be earned. You give her too much respect by doing so.

If someone wants to be my arch-nemesis, they have to force me to recognize them as such.