Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Strong, Like Bull

Chris often uses the phrase: (*start cheesy Native American accent*) "Strong, Like Bull" regarding our little man, Marcus. He has been using this phrase ever since Marcus was a zygote, nearly two weeks into gestation, when he (Marcus) was making me so ill that I knew I could take the pregnancy test five days early, absolutely sure that if it didn't show a little plus sign... I needed to go to the emergency room.

Other times it has been used... when he drained his first 2oz. bottle of formula at approximately 20 minutes old... when he first started lifting his head on his own at about 2 days old... when he first started doing baby push ups during tummy time at about 2 weeks old... when he punched the doctor hard enough that she was impressed at about 4 months old... and when he kicked a fever after approximately two hours of having it just a week or so ago.

But now, we have total proof that we have birthed a man of steel. Over the past four days, Athena has not once, but TWICE delivered a pretty impressive blow to Marcus' noggin. The first was over the weekend when she accidentally headbutted him with her teeth (covered by her lips) while trying to climb into my lap... a lap he was currently occupying. The second time was tonight, when Marcus was lounging on our bed and Athena STEPPED on his head as she awkwardly tried to move to the edge and scootchie off. Here is a script of both events.

The Headbutt
Athena: *WHAM!*
Marcus: *blink*
Marcus: *grin*

The Stomping
Athena: *Step, step, STOMP, step* I get a book!
Marcus: *blink*
Athena: *scootchie*
Marcus: *grin* *barf*

My boy is strong, like bull. Head of stone. Brave warrior. Boo yah.


Brian A. said...

As I recall, Athena has always been somewhat of a headbutt queen. She should enjoy it now because when Marcus starts trotting around the good times will be over. :)

Bern said...

Just like the meaning of his name "Strong, Hammer, Warlike, Defender".
He is The Man!:)

Amy said...

That is so contrary to what happens on TV! I always wonder how is it that headbuttee is injured, but the headbuttor is not. But now you are telling me that the headbuttor is injured, and the headbuttee is fine. I think I'm going with your son is strong, like bull, because otherwise that means everything TV has taught me is wrong, and I cannot abide that.

Sophie said...

"Strong, Hammer, Warlike, Defender" will come in handy when it comes time to scare Athena's boyfriends away!

Jessey said...

Elizabeth is also fond of squishing her brother's head and extremities. Yesterday she tried to make him eat a fruit snack and he almost choked to death.
I've got my eye on that one!

Brant said...