Friday, August 18, 2006

My Crank Has Been Yanked... Sort Of

We got a professional crank call today at the library. I know it was a professional because... well... I don't know how I know. There were signs. Perhaps the most obvious was how organized he was... how he never laughed, but always sounded light. Then there was the obvious recording device that was recording the call. Anyone who has called in to a radio station knows what that sounds like.

Anyway, I'm not going into details, because I have no idea if this was a local radio station or some sort of national yahoo (Comedy Central... if it's you, it's not funny). I've never really understood the joy of crank calls. They have never been funny to me. Am I alone in this? It doesn't matter if they are calling the most evil person on Earth... I just don't think it's funny.

Basically, this guy had several bogus book titles that he wanted me to search for. Of course, he didn't start with me. When he first called the main number, he demanded reference. Then, he yelled at both people on the reference desk (one at a time of course) until he got transferred to me. Oddly, he didn't just ask for a manager... instead, he sort of forced it to happen. One point for his creativity.

Anyway, I searched his book titles, no matter how outlandish. I listened to him natter on about really stupid things. I wish I could give you the whole dialogue, but I'm sure this dude is the sort to Google himself, and I certainly don't want him to get to know me.

I never gave him anything but professional answers. He got bored with me in about three book titles.

So even if it was good old Comedy Central, I don't believe they'll be airing the conversation. They probably called another library somewhere in the country and got what they were looking for. I only hope that I pissed them off a little for wasting their time... as they certainly pissed me off for wasting mine.


Sophie said...

Wasting your time.... And therefore the taxpayers' money!

Amy said...

I'm sorry, but sometimes Crank Yankers is funny.