Saturday, August 19, 2006

Get R Done

Marcus is taking fewer and shorter naps. This doesn't suck so much because he is awfully cute and smiley and lots of fun. However, this morning, Chris and I woke up in a true mood to clean out the clutter that is our residence. This happens oh, about once a year for each of us. But it has NEVER occured at the SAME TIME for both of us.

We've done most of downstairs and you can actually see the floor of my office (which, I believe, is about to become OUR office, unfortunately. But such is life...) It's terribly exciting.

Problem... when Marcus is awake, it's hard for both of us to work on cleaning up. Athena is okay... she's sometimes underfoot, but she is able to entertain herself. Marcus... not so much.

So Chris is now off to the airport with Athena to pick up my mother in law, and I am attempting to drug my baby with a combination of our too-warm upstairs (I think we've blown the A/C motor again because we never remember to change our filters), his bouncy seat, and Baby Einstein. I think it's working. I feel a little guilty doing this, but if I can get some stuff cleaned up... it will all be worth it.

Okay, he's out... and I'm off to straighten up.

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