Friday, July 28, 2006

Clothing Clothing Everywhere and Not a Thing to Wear

Marcus can't fit into his 3-6 month stuff now. Well, most of it anyway. He's ginormous. So a few days ago, I broke open the box of 6-9 month stuff. Perhaps I have mentioned before that my friends all had boys, and so Marcus' room looks like a Goodwill dropoff center.

Anyway, I'm digging through these trying to find something for him to wear, and discover, much to my dismay, that almost all of it is long-sleeved. I'm sure when I received these clothes, I thought... yippee! In six months, it will be September and we'll be moving into long-sleeve weather! But no. As the fates would have it, my son is growing faster than the tag on his clothes would indicate, and it's July. It's close to 100 degrees daily. Ain't no way the boy is wearing sleeves.

For the record, one outfit that I especially like is shorts with a long sleeve shirt. ??? Do we live in Port Angeles? Who wears shorts with long sleeves?

Anyway... this morning I spent the bulk of my time sorting through clothes... boxing up the old... looking for wearable stuff. I closed up four boxes to go elsewhere (three to Kathryn, who is preparing for one in the next year or so, and one for Sophie with Athena's 3T stuff, which Elise may be able to wear in a couple of years). There are still at least six boxes lying around Marcus' room. Hopefully I can work on that a little tomorrow morning.

The good news is, I found a bunch of onesies that I'm pretty sure are 6-9 months, even though they originally said 12-18 months. They are the ones Cheryl and anonymouslemming sent me from England. You may remember these onesies from this post. So I'll be sure to keep them away from fire.

But if they are, indeed, too big... and if none of the other boxes present the correct size in more summery varieties, I may actually have to go to Target and BUY the boy some clothes. I have SIX BOXES of clothes in his room and I may have to BUY some. What is up with my karma?! Sheesh!


Jason said...

Scissors + Long sleeves = Short sleeves

I'd totally do it.

Jessey said...

I was totally thinking the same thing.
Rip off some sleeves.
He'll have a Hulk vibe for a couple months. It'll be awesome.

We've got a ton of hand-me-downs too. Dylan is the fifth grandson on his dad's side and most of my friends had baby boys first. So yeah, tons of boxes. Thank goodness one of my friends just had a baby girl (someplace for Elizabeth's outgrowns to go - besides my shed) and another just had a baby we'll be trading boxes via USPS for years I think.

PS, you've got big kids! You and Chris must both be tall. Our Elizabeth is just starting to fill out her 3Ts and Dylan (at almost 7 months) is comfortably fitting into 6-9 months. For the record, I'm 5'3" and Bob is 6'3".

Amy said...

You really are just itching to say how advanced Marcus is because he's outgrown all his clothes, but are afraid to because of my post, huh? =)

Bern said...

Incidently, when I was reading your post, I was waiting to read Amy's words... (Quote)"Marcus is in the 95th percentile for height and the 93rd for weight, he's so advanced!"(Unquote) :))

Sophie said...

Damn, I hate to say it, but Elise still fits in some of her Newborn onesies. I think baby sizes are strange, she'll wear a newborn onesie with a 6 month pair of pants... go figure. My perfect clothes organization I spent hours working on while "nesting" is long gone, I had to restructure and reorganize... but then again, I love it!!
Elizabeth, I'll sort through the stuff you gave me from Athena, I may be able to salvage some stuff for Marcus.

Chris said...

Advanced in height and weight, yes. :-P

We're both aware that the 90th height/weight percentiles for Marcus (his numbers as of his last checkup) just tell us that he's friggin' huge.

Oh, and Jess - we're both 5'11" and have tall relatives on both sides.

Anonymouslemming said...

I think you can put the clothes near fire, just not with a child in them. I think they only go up when child is included :D

On another note, please drop me a line by going to or mailing me if you still have my e-mail address. I've got some questions about your vacation in April, but I don't have a good address to mail you on.

Chris said...

Wayne, I sent you a note with her information.