Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We had our first Dream Dinners failure tonight. Ironically, I was just telling a coworker yesterday about how everything we'd eaten had been delicious. In this case, it wasn't that the food didn't taste good... it just cooked up wrong. It actually came out of the oven cold, but seemingly overcooked in some places and undercooked in others. Chris said it was not completely thawed, so we are guessing that was the problem. We're disappointed though, because we were looking forward to this dish (tilapia with baby shrimp). In fact, I made two bags of it, so we'll have another opportunity to try it and see if it comes out any better.

I have a meeting for a project at work tommorrow morning. I am beginning to hate this project. Every little detail involved seems to cause stress and heartache. Which is just stupid, really, considering the nature of the project. I work in a library for crissakes! How much heartache could be involved? Apparently, plenty. Bleh.

We practice something called "Facilitative Leadership" in our system. It's a good concept at its soul, but I can't seem to grasp it. It's all about listening and inquiring and testing assumptions... all good stuff... but I'm so used to doing things a different way that it seems to interfere with my productivity when I use it. I am told this is just because I need more practice. In the meantime, I have to run meetings using these skills, and I always walk out emotionally drained and feeling like a failure. Gotta love it.

Athena has been showing us her dance moves lately. We must post a video. It's too cute to describe. She does this shimmy thing... you would have to see it. It's awesome. We'll work on getting it on tape.

I've been kicking around more plans for our Disney trip. I know it's not until April, but it's the only trip I've got coming up, and I have to have something to look forward to. At the moment, we're staying at the Marriott Cypress Harbor. We are hoping to be able to switch to an onsite resort (most likely Old Key West, although we are hoping for The Wilderness Lodge for its proximity to the Magic Kingdom) but because of the nature of our friends' timeshare points, we probably won't know if space is available until early February. However, if we don't stay onsite, it will be fine. We'll spend some time at the resort pools, and we know we want to go to SeaWorld one day. Wherever we stay, it will be a good trip.

We're currently considering asking Grandma to watch Marcus for that week. (Hi, Grandma!) At first, I was gung-ho to take him, since we could get his first haircut there just as we did for Athena. But the reality of dragging the poor guy around the parks for a week behind his three-year-old sister, her five-year-old buddy, and with any luck, her good friend Aiden... well, Marcus would be miserable. And therefore so would we. He would be one year old. What would be the point, really?

Chris and I are starting to trade nights/kid responsibility. Tonight, I get Athena and he gets Marcus. However, lately, both kids have been sleeping well through the night. Athena has managed to stay on top of her bed and Marcus has gotten better at getting himself back to sleep... perhaps thanks to the magic teddy bear. So here's hoping there are no incidents.

It appears that Chris has given me his cold. I plan to kick him in his sleep many times tonight. Wish me luck.


Chris said...

If mom can't take him it won't be the end of the world. He won't be miserable because he'll be with us. We might be miserable, but that's a different story.

Kick away, I'll kick back.

Kathryn said...

Aww, the meeting wasn't so bad. We were mostly comatose and out of there in record time. So nobody helped facilitate (including me, sorry). To be fair, there was little discussion to facilitate. Do you see that differently?

eaf said...

Ha! Kathryn just made a funny. I tell you that because most of you wouldn't have gotten it. It's a little "Facilitative Leadership" humor. Which is not entirely dissimilar from "not funny at all" humor. Except that it's Kathryn, and she makes everything funny. I expect many more witty comments from her in the future. Damn... I've written too many performance evaluations...

Seriously, though... the meeting did go well. Catching people while they are still asleep makes for a surprisingly effective and quick meeting. I was pleased.

Chris said...

You know, for a clown fish you're not very funny. :-)

eaf said...

Dude... Toooooooootally

Perhaps 100 viewings of Nemo is enough. Time to switch to Mulan or something.

jen said...

That groan you just heard? That was me, totally getting the joke. :op

Chris said...

I don't think Athena is quite ready for Mulan. She was on Aristocats for a few weeks, we can give her a few on Nemo. Besides I like Nemo whereas the Aristocats is rated as "Tolerable".