Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Alive! It's ALIVE!!!

Despite the fact that this blog is called "The Mommy Librarian," I seem to focus most of my posts on the "Mommy" part. This is not to ignore the hoardes of readers out there who are anxiously awaiting more news about the wonderful world of librarianship. Really, it's more a product of, "How much can I say about work without getting myself into trouble?" I long ago determined it was best to just keep my mouth shut in most cases.

But, for those of you wringing your hands, demanding an update on the professional half of my life, here goes. As you should know if you read my every word, I recently moved to a new location. Same job (sort of) but in a different place. In this case, that place is really really REALLY close to my house. Hooray. Our gas credit card is already thanking me for it. The poor thing was really getting overworked.

Anyway, the reason I was able to move is because this closer library just recently decided to reorganized, thereby adding in this new department, which I am now charged with creating. This is my favorite thing in the world to do at work. Starting from scratch... building from the ground up. Hooray!

So last week, I mentioned I hired someone. Now that person becomes the first person other than me to populate this new department. In the next two weeks (hopefully) we will hire the second person to join me. Both of these positions I get to hire because they were vacated in the last six months and have been held open with the idea that they would help me populate my department.

After that, the really hard part kicks in. I will start taking volunteers from the current staff. In one case, that's not a problem. I've been given one full-time library assistant position, and guess what... only one person has volunteered! Done!

But then the suckfest starts. I have two other positions... each with two people having expressed interest. I have to somehow choose one (interview? draw straws? arm wrestling?) and then hope the other doesn't mind. Ugh. Even if the participants are professional about it (and I know they will be... these people are wonderful), it's still a crappy place to be in.

So as we creep along, it's looking like I will have a real, honest-to-goodness department created by the end of August. I'm like Dr. Frankenstein... putting the pieces together one by one until one day I can say, "It's Alive!!!!" or at the very least I can say, "Look, MY did it!"*


Jessey said...

My did it! Be myself!

Chris said...

Athena doesn't care about the past as much as she does the present. Her most common phrase is "My do it". After it's over, she forgets about it and doesn't boast unless you ask her.

eaf said...

I was using artistic licence. :-P

Jessey said...

I just checked on my Elizabeth, who's lounging in the tub, and she told me:
"Get out of my house!"