Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's All About the Teddy Bear

First, I need to go on record saying that THIS is the post my son will hate me for when he's twelve. Yes, the circumcision discussions will be up there in the top ten most hated posts for him, but this one will top it.

Athena got a bajillion stuffed animals as a baby. In fact when she was barely a zygote, my mother bought her FOUR stuffed animals on a Babies R Us binge. It is then very interesting to know that Athena didn't give a rats toot about stuffed animals until she was over a year old. She loves them now, but as an infant... no interest whatsoever.

And then along came Marcus. He loves to grab at things. Rattles, blankets... he is a very grabby kid. So all those dollars that were wasted on Athena can now be chalked up as an investment in the future.

The four animals my mom bought when I was about six weeks pregnant were these really soft, really cuddly Gund animals. There is a pink hippo, a white sheep, and a blue elephant. But the fourth... ah, the fourth is an ivory teddy bear. Chris discovered yesterday, quite by accident, that this is the magic teddy. If Marcus is sleepy, but isn't really willing to go to sleep, you can put this bear on his tummy and he'll clutch it and instantly fall asleep. It's as if the bear knows the Vulcan Grip. It has now worked about three times... and that's out of four times that we've put him down. This bear is the shizzle, I'm telling you.

It's very cute, too... the way he clutches it as he sucks on that paci and sleeps peacefully. I'll try to charge the camera tomorrow to take a picture of it. It's just adorable.

So, there you have it, Marcus. Hate me all you want... you are the cutest damn baby in the world and you sleep with a teddy. It's all good.

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Jessey said...

That's cute! Dylan is very similar, he likes to cuddle things.
Right now he's got three stuffed animals in his port-a-crib, for variety, or in case one of them mouths off, or something along those lines.