Friday, July 07, 2006

My Do It!

Athena can now climb in and out of her carseat and buckle herself in with only minimal help/interference from us. And as she does this, she cries her victory cry...

"My Do It! My Do It!"

So totally cute.


Jessey said...

So cute! Elizabeth gets into her carseat by herself too, but she can't work the "seat bupple" yet.

Her big new thing is to want to do everything "be myself".

"Go outside and swing be myself?"
"No way."
"Beeeee myyyyyyseeeeellllllffffff!!!!"
"Yes, go be by yourself, in your room."

Chris said...

Haha. Yeah, I'm sure I'll run into that soon. She has an independent streak a mile wide.

Jessey said...

We've got issues with Elizabeth getting into the fridge all the time. She'll go get a yogurt and walk around with it but then when you tell her to open it up and get herself a chocolate milk, she pretends that she can't open it. Freakish.

Anonymouslemming said...

How long before we hear 'My undo it'? I'm guessing that won't be quite as cute :D

eaf said...

Ha! She's been saying that even longer, although in not so many words. My favorite is when I'm folding laundry, and she comes behind me and unfolds it. Belly laughs abound.