Monday, July 10, 2006

Dream Dinners Redux

So I've told you all about Dream Dinners and how much I love the concept. I even told you that the first couple of meals we had were pretty darn tasty. So on Friday, I'm about to go to my third Dream Dinners session, so I thought I would update you on how it's all working out.

First of all, if I'm going back a third time, it must be working out pretty well, so let's just get that out of the way. But let's explore all the ways it is going well.

1) The food is delicious. Seriously. Even when the food isn't exactly to our own taste, we have to admit that it's pretty good. We had Barbeque Pork Wraps with Jason and Bernie on Saturday, and neither Chris nor myself actually care for Barbeque... any style. If we disappear suddenly, it's because admitting that may have just revoked our rights to live in this state... but regardless, the pork wraps were good! We were pleased.

2) The sessions are fun. I love to cook, but finding time and finding my kitchen in a clean enough state to actually cook well is difficult. And when I say "difficult," what I mean is "impossible." Now I get to go to a place for two hours and just do the fun part... put things together. All the ingredients are there... it's like coloring by numbers. Or crosstitch. I dig it.

3) I am saving assloads of time. No meal planning. Way less grocery shopping. Chris can cook any of the meals I've premade with little to no direction at all. Cha-CHING!

4) I am saving small assloads of money. I buy less groceries. Granted, the Dream Dinners are $200 for a month's worth of food, but I think I've easily cut out that much, probably more, in dining out and groceries. Woo hoo!

5) We get a variety of food. We have salmon. We have beef. We have French. We have Chinese. We really do get a little bit of everything. It SEEMS like I'm the most creative cook in the world... but really, I'm letting someone else do all that work for me. It's like I'm delegating really really well.

Are there disadvantages? Well, I suppose. This month, I didn't really think as many of the entrees sounded very appetizing, so we'll have more repeats. And I don't really like paying for the stuff when I register rather than when I take it all home. And the music they play in the store while you cook is pretty generic "everyone can dig this" stuff... so it's not great. Jessey would be disappointed that they don't pump out Snoop. Okay, fine... I admit it... I'm disappointed too. Although I would settle for some good showtunes.

But the trade offs are so well worth it. I'm totally addicted. Try it. You'll like it. I can argue that it's even worth buying a small freezer to put out in your garage. SO worth it. Trust me.


Jessey said...

Oh, I AM bummed that they don't bump Snoop A Loop while you scoop.

My MP3 player IS, in fact, loaded with Snoop, Biggie Smalls, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Outkast and 2-Pac.

I'm SO ghetto :)

Jason said...

We went to see our other friends in Chapel Hill, and Emily said there was a woman in her social circle that was thinking of starting a franchise, but got cold feet. If you like, I can get her email from Emily.

eaf said...

That would be great!

Sophie said...

As much as I'd like to try one of those dinners, I'm afraid that whenever we come over for a visit, I've got the "food" itinerary all planned out. Crazy Fire, Remington's, Baja Fresh, Abbey Road and why not through in Perkins for breakfast, for old time sake!

Sophie said...

through = throw

I've got brain freeze from really really cold ice cream :)

eaf said...

It just means you have to visit for longer! :-)

Also, we can bring one next time we come to Charlotte.

eaf said...

Or to Bald Head, for that matter... *hint, hint*

Sophie said...

Wink well received and understood :)

Bald Head is still invaded by a bunch of wild Belgians for the next week or so, but it should quiet down a bit afterwards.

We'll have to figure out a date...perhaps a nice little visit this fall when the weather cools down...?