Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vitamins Can Kill You

Athena stopped breathing tonight.

She did not want to go to bed, and was hysterical over it. To try to bribe her into liking the bed idea (bribing becomes par for the course when you are a parent), I suggested maybe she might want her Flintstone's (knockoff) vitamin now. Of course, she was all about that, since vitamin=candy for this kid.

So I broke the vitamin in half (that's all she's allowed at this age) and gave it to her as promised. Then, I left the room.

She came back out, since she "wasn't tired" and I took her back in there. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. What I didn't know is that she was sucking on the vitamin, rather than chewing it up like a normal person would do.

About the fifth time, when I walked out of the room and closed the door, I heard "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - augh" and then nothing.

I bolted back into the room to find my two year old daughter clutching her throat and gagging. I grabbed her around the waist and the evil vitamin popped free. She gagged a bit more, then calmed down. I, on the other hand, am just now finding time to freak out. She's asleep (I think) and it's just hitting me what has happened.

And to think, you guys thought I was a wimp for being nervous that Chris was leaving me alone with the kids... I swear they should make you get a license before you reproduce. It would stop people like me from doing it.

I'm going to go put my head between my knees now. Happy freaking birthday to me. Crikey.


Jason said...

I don't know what you are beating yourself up over. You did great! Now you just need to spin the incident with Athena so she associates choking with having a tantrum.

Bern said...

That sounded scary to me. I would've freaked out if something like that had happened, and I wouldn't know what to do.
You did great and you definitely deserve more credit than what you give yourself for.
All said, I think you need a big hug right now after that scare. *HUGGGS*

Sophie said...

Awwww.... You didn't have time to freak out, and you had awesome reflexes. Do I hear "supermom"? That said, I think Chris should not go on this annual trip of his, it seems it doesn't agree AT ALL with Athena (considering last year's episode) - or better yet, he should take her with him next year!!!

eaf said...

I suspect we are all going next year. :-) Had I not been on maternity leave just last month, I would have gone this year, but alas... no vacation time for me. As if maternity leave is vacation... ha!

Jessey said...

Yikes! Quick thinking mom!
I'd be freaking out too, but you did great!

Amy said...

Things happen and you were there to stop it from getting worse. So no more freaking out! I agree with Jason too, try to scare her into thinking if she throws a trantrum Mommy will have to come squeeze her tummy again.

Cathy said...

You did great! Took care of the problem, and then freaked out privately later. And now you know that you'll have to make sure Athena CHEWS her chewable vitamin. (How do kids think of these things?!?)

Go Mommy go!

Jessey said...

BTW I never knew that kids under the age of 4 were only supposed to get a HALF tablet of chewable vitamin...whoops!
If I give Elizabeth one whole one every other day, is that ok? :)

Jessey said...

Apparently Disney can kill you too...uh oh...

eaf said...

Oh great. Just what I needed. Yet another way I will probably be bad for my kid.

Thanks, guys... for all the support. Sometimes you just feel like you bit off more than you can chew... no pun intended.