Monday, June 19, 2006

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Marcus hit a new milestone on Saturday. He rolled over from his back to his belly. This was especially cool because he did it over at our friends' house, so they got to see too! It's pretty remarkable to watch as a baby struggles to achieve this motion for the first time. Kind of like watching a turtle or a beetle on its back.

He hasn't done it since, which is in line with Athena, as she did the same thing. She rolled over once at three months just to prove to the world she could, then didn't do it again until six months. I imagine she liked the dramatic effect.


Staci said...

YAY Marcus! Yes, thats exactly what Juju did too. Of course for us that meant oodles of evaluations and therapy appointments because it MUST have had something to do with her birth. I wish I would have been less of a worry wart.

Jessey said...

Yay! The first rollover is like the beginning of the transformation from helpless infant to totally capable toddler!
That is a good thing AND a bad thing!