Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lullaby, and Good Night... Go To Sleep... Would You Just GO TO SLEEP?!

Well, there was no choking on her vitamin tonight, but bedtime was still a chore. This is the problem with one person always doing the bedtime routine. When that person goes away for a long weekend of geeking out, then bedtime literally becomes the sixth level of hell.

She did finally simply pass out at about 9:40, but it wasn't pretty before that. I had company over (an old friend from the old job brought me a birthday dinner from Chili's), and she got to witness at least part of the ordeal. She was lucky though. She could yawn, and stretch, and say that she was beat and therefore had to leave. Yeah, right. Leave me with Rosemary's Baby, why don'cha?!

And poor Chris. She is so ticked off at the fact that he isn't here that she won't even talk to him on the phone. He misses her terribly, and all she does is scream "NO!" at the phone.

On the plus side, Kathryn introduced me to Playtex "Drop-Ins" bottles. I was complaining about how, now that I have weaned Marcus, I often have to run my dishwasher half full because of all the baby bottles and their various parts. She told me she used the disposable liners so all she had to wash were the nipples. I suddenly realized that... well... I could do that too!

Basically, we had these really expensive, anti-colic bottles because Athena wouldn't take anything else. So rather than buy new bottles, I just bought new nipples. However, Marcus isn't nearly as finicky as Her Majesty was... so I thought I would try these others.

Turns out Marcus really digs them. And they are lighter to hold and carry, plus they are a more convenient shape. So basically, I'm switching tomorrow! Gonna buy me about three more of these bad boys and some spare nipples, and those old bottles with FIVE SEPARATE parts are going off to the dump. HOORAY!

And even better, they are easier to find. I used to have to drive all the way across town to get replacements for the old bottles. I can get these new ones at Target... and maybe even the grocery store. I'm all a-tingle with excitement!

But for now... I need to sleep. Athena may fight it with all her might, but you won't see me resisting the call of repose...


Sophie said...

Weened? As in, no more breastfeeding, no more pumping ... only formula? Funny how once you really get the hang of this breastfeeding stuff and don't think twice about it, is when you have to change methods. Babies sure keep you on your toes all the time. I haven't even gotten to the weening process chapter in my books yet.

eaf said...

Indeed... no more breastfeeding and no more pumping. I had no problem with the breastfeeding part, but the pumping... well, you know how I feel about that. He's taking formula just fine, and I am not tied to the machine. He got three months out of it, and most people I've talked to said they breastfed the second one less than the first, so I'm just following what "they" do. :-)

Granted, if I could have taken more leave, I would have lasted longer. Pumping at work is just miserable, though.

Sophie said...

I totally understand. I am dreading having to pump at work, although I'll be able to use a small conference room. I'd really like to be able to provide breastmilk for Elise until she's six months old, but we'll see if I can maintain the supply once she's not with me all day.

I'm looking forward to seeing Marcus again, I'm sure he's changed so much since last time. Post more pics please!!!!!!!!

Jessey said...

I am nowhere near weaning yet. Dylan is addicted to breastfeeding, he will NOT take a bottle.
But I don't mind. I hate cleaning bottles.

eaf said...

Update on the bottles...

You know how those expensive bottles were supposed to guard against gas and general discomfort for baby? Well, Marcus didn't spit up at ALL after he had his bottle last night, and his burp was very dainty. Not his normal "half of my body was consumed with air" belches of the past. I LOVE these things!

Jessey said...

PS I never used a Dr. Browns bottle, but my husband's aunt used them for her youngest son, who I had the honor of nannying for a few months when he was around 15 months old. I say nanny instead of babysit because I was there before he woke up and usually stayed until after he was asleep while his parents were both at work or tending to their FOUR older children. I was VERY involved with his care.

The Dr. Browns bottle was about the most DISGUSTING contraption I could have ever encountered. The many pieces were festering bacteria pits and the whole contraption stunk to high heaven no matter how fiercely I scrubbed it.

Rylee's (that's my charge) mother insisted that he neeeeeeded that bottle, but it was so heinous that I made him use other ones, and he was totally fine with it.

That horrible milky bacteria pit was tossed in the garbage not long after I started watching him.

Ew. Dr. Brown.