Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Toddler Speak

Act I
Daddy: Do you want some applejuice?
Athena: Yeppa
Daddy: What the hell is "Yeppa?!" Say, "Yes!"
Athena: Yes
Daddy: Good. Now, do you want some applejuice?
Athena: Yeppa

Act II
(reading a Dora book together -- Daddy reads the word and points and Athena repeats. Mommy is listening in while feeding Marcus)
Daddy: Hi
Athena: Hi
Daddy: I
Athena: I
Daddy: am
Athena: am
Daddy: Boots
Athena: Booze
Daddy: I
Athena: I
Daddy: love
Athena: wuv
Daddy: my
Athena: my
Daddy: fire
Athena: fire
Daddy: truck
Athena: fuck
Daddy: no, "truck"
Athena: fuck!
Mommy: Athena, say, "Firetruck."
Athena: Firefuck

Ah... I am going to miss these days...


Sophie said...

HAHAH... I can totally picture it!

Chris said...

Oi. You missed this part:
Daddy: "Say Tuh"
Athena: "Tuh"
Daddy: "Say Ruck"
Athena: "Wut"
Daddy: "Truck"
Athena: "Fuck"
Daddy: "Damn it"

Jessey said...

Our darling two year old has started saying "No way Jose"
I don't know WHERE she got it from.

"Want to take a nap?"
"No way Jose."

I'm not Jose.

Staci said...

All of this sounds TOO familiar. Right now Im trying to discourage calling me by my name, "Cee-cee!" "...thats Mommy to you sistah!"

Amy said...

Hmm, you two seem to have quite the potty mouths!