Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Empty Nest Syndrome

Well, Jessey did it, so we had to do it too. We moved Marcus into his crib on Sunday night. Until then, he was sleeping in our room. But he's almost three months old now, and he hit the 12-week mark on Friday, so we thought we'd give it a go.

It's gone okay thus far. He sleeps in there for a while, but when he wakes up for food or love or whatever, it's hard to get him back to sleep in there. Both nights, I've ended up bringing him back in here for part of the night. I'm hoping tonight he'll sleep longer, as he had formula just before bed, which seems to induce long, deep sleeps a bit better.

It's great having our room back, though. Especially in that early evening period. Before, I couldn't read or cross stitch up here after he went to bed because the light would throw off his sense of day and night. Now, I have the room to myself. However, I can't help feeling that someone is missing.

Perhaps this is why some (insane) parents find the family bed so appealing. After all, it's quite cozy having his warm, fuzzy little head right under my nose while we sleep. And he does seem to sleep a little better when in the bed with us. However, we certainly don't want to have to wean him from it later in life when he actually can express an opinion about it. Besides, we never have him in the bed all night. We couldn't stand that... we need a little privacy...

So he's in his crib now. I'm really hoping he can stay there all night tonight. One day soon, I'd like to get a whole night's sleep. Maybe tonight? Maybe?


Chris said...

I would have to toss a big veto on a family bed. Luckily, Athena doesn't like sleeping in our bed.

Jessey said...

Good luck!
Now that we've got Dylan in his room, Elizabeth is having nightly nightmares and is joining us in our bed. Boo. She sleeps like a crazy person with the kicks, with her feet all pressed into my back. Not fun.

eaf said...

Well, Marcus isn't doing so great on his own. He was up every 90 minutes or so from midnight on. Bleh. I'm really hoping it gets better soon.

Is Elizabeth still scared of the Click Clock?

Jessey said...

Now she's using the Click Clock to make us feel bad.
When she gets in trouble for something, she'll cry and then calm down, and then start wailing again, and when you ask her what's wrong she says:
"I'm afraid. I'm scared of the Click Clock."

And then you call bullshit on her and she quits.

Dylan did NOT want to go to sleep last night and valiantly battled until 9 pm when he passed out. He woke up at 4 wanting to eat, so I've been up since 4. Elizabeth fell asleep at the same time, 9 pm, and is still sleeping as I type this...no click clock last night!