Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Who Am I?

I am completing an application that asks the following:

If your friends could state two adjectives to describe you, what would they be?

Well, geez... I'm not my friends... so what would YOU guys say? Be honest. After all, you all may pick different adjectives, so I can pick the ones I like best. But at least I would know that a friend really WOULD call me that...

(Hmmmm... perhaps "Honest" and "Lazy" may be the two words I should use).

Oh, and new friends and blog buddies are welcome to reply too. Don't hold back. First/Early impressions are often the best.


Chris said...

Hard working.

Jessey said...

Forthcoming and intelligent.

But really, what do I know? If you truly are my doppelganger, these are correcto!

Jason said...

Use big words, so they know you are a librarian.

Like "Loquacious" and "Convivial".

Bern said...

Great party-organizer

Cathy said...


Who can stop at just two?

I also thought of intellectual, creative and honest (especially about yourself).

Katy said...

Practical and well-spoken.

Anonymouslemming said...

Full of life (find your own one word for this - I didn't like vital, but couldn't find a better one :D)


Sophie said...


Planner/scheduler (for lack of better wording)

By the way, this post is all screwed up in IE....

Brant said...

"Damn Tarheel"? (can we say both of those are adjectives?)


Judy said...

Funny and wise.