Friday, April 07, 2006

Random Props and Apologies

First and foremost, hooray for Sophie, who managed to give birth to her beautful daughter Elise three days late, and she was still just over 6 pounds. Kudos! Chris claims it is taking all his strength to keep me from driving down to see you, but the truth is, I'm fully aware of how little you want a three-week old in your house waking you up whenever your own three-day-old is actually letting you sleep. I'm crazy, but I'm not mean. :-) However, I'm waiting for any and every call you want to make, whatever time of day or night. I've been there, girl... it's a bumpy road.

Second, my apologies to all my blog buddies. I have been very slack about leaving comments on your blogs, even though I read them all, and I occasionally have something witty to say. Chris tends to comment with whatever I would have said in many cases, but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I often read your blogs while nursing Mr. Man, and that makes typing rather difficult. So apologies, and thanks for making me laugh at a time when I might just otherwise be driving my head into a brick wall.


Jessey said...

I hope I'm one of the ones making you laugh, even if it is just with the crazy parallel life theory.

Hang in there!
In the last four days I've had THREE nights of real good sleep. Three nights when Dylan has slept at least seven hours continuously. Yahoo!

Cathy said...

Congratulations to Sophie!

If you've been reading mine you haven't been doing much laughing, cause, I've not done much writing. I don't have a new baby as an excuse either. Just busy with work and life.

I love the "Mr. Man," tag. I'm sure he is the man of the house by now.

Bern said...

You can't be laughing at mine either coz all I do is whine..haha

Tickle "Mr Man's" toes for me! Tell him not to grow up too fast. Jason and I need to make a trip up to Raleigh SOON!

Katy said...

I can't believe how HANDSOME your baby is! Totally understandable that you're a bit busy to post and comment. I'm sure I'll see you again soon.