Monday, April 10, 2006

An Update From the Mommy

Well, here we are, entering Week Four of my maternity leave. Can you believe it? Marcus is three-weeks old, and at the end of the week, I'm half-way through my bonding period with my son. Astonishing. It's flying by. And here is an example of why...

Last Wednesday, I had my first "visitor who brings dinner." This is the best kind of visitor to have, except for the "visitor who cleans your house" or the "visitor who offers to babysit both kids so you and your husband can have a real grown-up conversation and remember why you actually fell in love." But the latter visitors are rare, so I doubly appreciate the one who brings me dinner. One of my coworkers (remember how nice they are?!) brought us a lovely roasted chicken with various tasty sides and a delicious Boston Creme Pie. I'm withholding her name since I didn't get her permission, but her initials are BH for those "in the know" of who I work with. Not only did she bring dinner, but she stayed and enjoyed it with us, giving me some much needed female company, and she helped do the dishes, and THEN she helped us with bath time! Great food, great help... all in all... just great! Thanks, BH!

On Friday, I received an email from an old Dialog coworker. She has apparently been training for, and has now completed, her first Triathlon! Wow! Kudos, Ms. Lila! You rock!

This weekend, we went to Greensboro to see Grandma and experience Bunny Day at the Natural Science Center. There were many bunnies to see, and several to pet. Athena was delighted. Marcus napped in the front pack. Then we went to PieWorks (gourmet pizza) and I made a huge pig of myself. Delightful!

Sunday we had a playdate with Aiden. Today, I went to a meeting regarding a franchise opportunity that I am VERY interested in. Won't say more about it now, but something is a simmerin'.

Looking ahead into this week, tomorrow I go to Greensboro again with Marcus to see my mom and get a haircut. Same guy has been doing my hair since I was 13. Why change now? Just because he is 75 miles away... no need to go through that whole "new relationship" thing with a new guy, right? Women are strongly loyal to their hairdressers. It's not just me, I know it. (And Jessey, if you have a hairdresser 75 miles away as well, it's just going to completely freak me out).

Wednesday, Marcus and I hope to go to Charlotte to visit with Sophie and brand new Elise. After all, friends who nurse together, suffer together! Thursday I have a dentist appointment (joy of joys). Then perhaps Friday, while my mother-in-law is here, Chris will take me on a date. We are (well, I am) desperately in need of a little alone time and a little romance. Our tempers have been mighty short lately, what with no sleep and all, and it will be nice to talk to each other in a civilized manner. I asked him last week if he would take me out on a date (a bit unconventional, but we're married, so it's okay) and so now I'm hoping that he can muster the energy to actually plan something and follow through. Neither one of us are high on energy lately.

Whew! And thus will end Week Four of my maternity leave. Where is it all going? And how am I finding time to do any of this stuff?! I'm off to bed now. Marcus has been asleep for a precious half hour, and I need to capitalize on this time. It's weird going to bed when it's light out, but it's even weirder to get up and change and feed your baby at 1am. Sleep is good. Oh, how I miss it.


Jason said...

What is your schedule for Wednesday? Poor Bernie has to go into the office, so if you go back before dinner time, we can't get to see you and Marcus :(

We'll have to go to Raleigh soon.

Jessey said...

Oh my gosh!
No, totally kidding!

My hairdresser, luckily or sadly, works in the "salon" in the Walmart Supercenter.
But I actually do get a decent haircut there, as well as milk, tampons and tires.