Friday, April 21, 2006

Ooo, Pretty! And Other Ramblings

Mr. Man is sleeping happily in his swing after three attempts this morning to put him down. (Not like a horse, mind you... I mean literally put him down). He falls dead asleep in my arms, then within minutes of me depositing him in a sleeping-type place (car seat, swing, bassinet), he awakens and begins crying. This time, he is snoring... more a result of his stuffy head than anything, but I think he may stay asleep long enough for me to do a little post.

Today is Friday, and Mr. Man is five weeks old today. I have three weeks of maternity leave left. And in all honesty, I'm having trouble even thinking about work. Strange how your head can be so into something one day, and then that same thing seems so far removed the next. It doesn't help that I'm interviewing to work at a different library, so I feel like I don't know what job I'm going back to... could be the same one... could be different. Interview is May 5 for those of you keeping track.

Athena's latest catch-phrase is "Ooooo, pretty!" She says this in regard to pretty much anything she is interested in. It's cute, but curious, as she will point to pretty much anything, including something that isn't particularly pretty, and say it. Very funny.

I'm hoping to go see American Dreamz. Haven't seen a movie in a while, so I think I'll pack Marcus up and take him sometime next week during the day. I can sit in the back and nurse if needed, and I imagine there won't be too many people there in the daytime, so I shouldn't bother anyone. I was going to go today, but Chris is home with the eye gout (pink eye), so I'll come back here.

When Chris is home, it is so tempting to ask him to help me out with things (like the load of sheets that I just started in the washer for the third time. Those are going to be some CLEAN sheets if I can ever remember to move them to the dryer.) I'm trying very hard to pretend he's not here so he can get some work done. Eye gout doesn't stop you from working from home, apparently, although when I have any sort of eye problem, I never feel like looking at a book, nonetheless a computer screen.

Well, Mr. Man is awake... again. Seems he wants to be held, and there's just no getting around it. But at least I got a little update posted. I promise I will work on downloading some more pictures from our camera and getting them posted. Watch this space!


Bern said...

Happy 5 weeks old, Mr Man!
Can't wait to see picures!

Jessey said...

yippee pics!!
I've been waiting!

Sophie said...

At the movies with a five week old. I just don't know how you do it

**shakes head in utter bewilderment**

On a happy note, Elise slept 5 hours straight in her swing yesterday evening!!!!! Hurray!

Bern said...

Sophie, that's good to know Elise is sleeping longer hours now. Looks like you'll be able to catch up on your sleep too.

Chris said...

It's easy to go out with a small infant, especially the movies. They don't do anything.

Jessey said...

my small infant howls...he only likes to go to walmart, presumably for the rollbacks.

eaf said...

Eh, it's an experiment. If I have to leave, I'm out five bucks. I spent over seven bucks to see Starship Troopers, and I sat through the whole thing. Which is a bigger waste of money? It's a valid question.