Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In Praise of a Good Husband

My husband is awesome. Yes, I complain about him from time to time. Like this morning at five when I discovered (a little too late I might add) that once again he had used the remaining toilet tissue and not replaced the roll. But, for the most part, Chris is absolutely wonderful. I praise him today because he gave me a gift that I didn't think I would get for another few months. He gave me a very good night's sleep.

This is an especially challenging gift for the father of a breastfed newborn to give. After all, when the boy gets hungry, dad can't really feed him... and if he DOES give him formula, then I have to wake up and pump or else my upper torso turns to stone. However, Chris did everything he could to ensure that I could sleep.

First, when we got home from the hockey game, he offered to take Marcus and hold him so I could go lie down. That was about 10:30. At 12:30, he brought him upstairs to eat. I got two whole quiet hours of sleep. I went back to bed around 1:30, and didn't wake again until 5. When I went to bed, Marcus was asleep in his swing. When I woke up, he was lying in bed between us. I imagine he must have stirred during the night, but Chris got him before I even woke up and calmed him. 3.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep! HOORAY!

I feel like a new woman today. It's glorious. And it's all thanks to my wonderful husband. You rock, honey!


Jessey said...

Again, an eerie coincidence in our lives. I sleep, you sleep.
I'm jealous that you're getting so much sleep so soon, but no bother.
Sleep is sleep.
And congrats on picking a good apple by the way!

Chris said...

Just trying to do my part. Luckily, Athena didn't wake up last night or, if she did, I didn't hear her.

Of course, it's after lunch and the waves of post-lunch weariness combined with lack of sleep are really starting to hit me.

Jessey said...

yes. being a mother, even a surrogate mother for one night, is quite taxing on the constitution.

Chris said...

Oh, I know. I remember it the first time around. Some of my fondest memories of infant Athena are being up feeding her at 1 AM watching the Stanley Cup playoff games on the west coast.

Jessey said...

See I love my husband, but if he's up with the children at 1 a.m., something has gone horribly awry.
Like Vicks BabyRub in the hair awry. Like screaming night terrors awry. Like mouse in the bedroom awry.
He's not much of a night watchman, but he's a heck of a sleeper. We all have our talents.