Monday, April 17, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmmmm...

First "Hmmmmmmmmm" moment:
I was doing laundry today. I rarely go into the laundry room, as this is a chore that Chris embraces whole-heartedly and he does exceptionally well. He does laundry, I fold it, then we put away our respective stuff. However, I'm home all day at the moment, so I do a load or two when the need arises.

I noticed three bras hanging in the laundry room, presumably to dry. This isn't really odd in itself, but the odd part is, these are not my bras. Now, they are most likely my mother-in-law's. She has been here a lot lately what with a new grandson and all, and she has done much laundry in that time. She has returned to Texas, though, so I presume I will be mailing these back to her. At least I HOPE these are hers, as the only other choices are Athena - which seems unlikely, Chris, or Chris' girlfriend's. I'm not sure which would disturb me more... if they were Chris' or Chris' girlfriend's.

Second "Hmmmmmmmmm" moment:
Marcus has the smelliest farts ever. I would say that I don't know what he is eating that could cause such putrid smells to emerge from his very cute bottom, but I DO know what he's eating. He is eating what I'm eating... just after I eat it. It must be changing into something really horrid along the way. You wouldn't believe the odor. Very alarming.

Third "Hmmmmmmmm" moment:
I went out this evening for an Arts and Crafts Girls Night Out and when I returned, some things were a little out of place. Here is the carnage left by one little girl, age Almost Two:

  • Winnie the Pooh (her two foot tall one) was on Marcus' changing table. Apparently, he had a dirty diaper, but he was abandoned halfway through the process.
  • Athena's dirty blanket from last week's crib (not dirty-gross, just dirty-used) was on the floor. It had been in the hamper. She has been dumpster diving. Thank goodness it was only in the hamper... not in the trash.
  • Marcus' clean new blanket was on the floor, clearly having been dragged across it. It had been folded neatly on the dresser. Athena has apparently been blanket-theiving, as I don't believe Marcus is able to drag himself along the floor yet, nonetheless reach up onto the dresser and pull his blanket across the floor.
  • My toothpaste and comb were placed neatly on the toilet seat (closed... fortunately). When I returned them to their drawer, I noticed my deodorant was missing. So I made inquiries. Chris told me that the deodorant was on the counter now, but when I looked, I noticed there was not much in it. This morning, it was half-full (I use the gel kind). He laughed and said he found her applying it to her arm. I suppose she smells very nice now. (No, Jessey, it wasn't Baby Rub, but isn't it still eerily similar?)


Bern said...

Good for you that Chris loves doing the laundry. Jason complains that I do it too often (I do laundry once a week, or twice a week if I separate it into two loads)because he hates having to put away his clean clothes.
Also, you are right about having the laundry room upstairs! Ugh, I hate having to lug laundry up and down the stairs and dropping socks along the way.

Chris said...

Tell Jason we said "Ha" about the laundry room location. We tried to tell ya. :-)

Chris said...

and, for the record, my girlfriend doesn't wear a bra.

Staci said...

HAHA! Athena and Jubilee have much in common. Busy little girls! It wasnt too long ago that I found condoms in the microwave.

Jessey said...

Elizabeth is also into deodorant, luckily we've convinced her that it only works with the cap ON.

Sophie said...

It's only a matter of time before you come home and she'll have your high heel shoes and lipstick on :) Or even better, she'll have dressed up Marcus and painted his face full of lipstick!!!!

Jessey said...

I had to buy my girl a blush brush of her own so she'd leave my stuff alone.
And chapstick. good gravy she loves chapstick!

A Girl From Texas said...

The bra thing sounds very very curious to me. Keep us all posted. he he :)