Thursday, March 01, 2007

Walk Like a (Wo)Man, Talk Like a (Wo)Man...

So, Athena is a real person. I know, I know... you are marvelling at how brilliant I am for finally noticing. Well, trim your sails on that, because I didn't actually realize it on my own. Someone had to tell me.

We are two months shy of Athena's third birthday (to be celebrated at DisneyWorld in approximately eight weeks -- WOOT). Yesterday, we got a note from the daycare director. It was the world's nicest note. So nice, in fact, that it made me a little suspicious. I was going to just post it for you, but it's somewhere downstairs, and I'm borrowing Chris' laptop since mine is ill, and I think he wants it back soon.

Anyway, the letter said something about how great Athena is and how they would like to go ahead and move her into the threes' room. This is really good news on several counts. Actually 300 counts to be specific. $300 per month. However, I am a bit nervous about it because Athena hasn't quite mastered the potty... and normally, that is a requirement for movin' on up at the daycare.

So I checked with her teacher this morning, and we discussed the various issues with pressuring a person to use the potty when they don't want to. Basically, her teacher feels that it won't be an issue... but that's not the real point of this post.

The real point is... her teacher said, with great awe and wonder in her voice, "Athena is soooooooo smart. She talks like a real grownup. I can talk to her the same way I talk to my coworker."


I had to let that soak in. See... I know my kid is great. And I've noticed that she is more verbal nowadays. But occasionally, I still talk around her as if she can't understand what I'm saying. I'll tell Chris something about her day, and I won't even give her the chance to talk about it, as I am sort of thinking in my head that she is still six months old and not talking.

But she is talking. And she is understanding. And I really need to stop cursing in front of her. Really. Like now.

And I have to give her the chance to talk too. Chris and I both made a solid effort to let her do the talking tonight at dinner, and it was great. She is very smart and remembers all sorts of random details now. Not only that, but she'll relate those details to us. And she grasps the concept of "tomorrow" too... like "Tomorrow, you will go to school again and see your friends."

Seems like only yesterday she was barfing and burping and pooping. Oh, wait... she still does that. But now she talks too!

Seems silly that I even feel this is important enough to blog about. I guess you need to be here.


Brian A. said...

"I can talk to her the same way I talk to my coworker" Depends on how smart her coworker is. :)

Even though we're a long way from talking with Elise I can still understand your pride. Having seen witnessed this project from the very first seconds I can honestly say that each new "trick" is something to be proud of.

Jamie said...

Of course it's important enough to write about. We're moms...any thing our children do is important enough! Just think, in a few years when Athena stumbles upon your blog and sees how proud you are, she'll know what a great mom you are. :-)

We always got comments about Sofie's highly developed sense of humor from her daycare that because she has two smart ass moms?!?! Who cares, we're glad she's funny...and smart and cute, too.

Jessica said...

You are gonna flip your lid here kiddo...

They just moved MY Elizabeth to the threes room too!!!
A full week and a half before her third birthday! I was stoked! I have no idea what, if any, cost savings it will bring since she was already at the 3pt rate.
When they told me about it the asst director told me that they spent part of the day doing Memory type matching games and "She got ALL of them right"
*I* was not surprised. Memory is her faaaaaavorite game here at the homestead.

Also, when we picked up Dylan that day the gal from the infant room told me how fun he is and how funny he is, he just babbles in his Dylan language and expects you to totally understand.
I mostly do, but that's because he's my baby, flesh and blood. And apparently, we share a crazy made up language too.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that with all the great kids out there, most adults are somewhat disappointing? Any thoughts?

eaf said...

Oh, I have lots of thoughts on that, anonymous. It mainly has to do with all the wonderful kids making contact with all the not so wonderful adults, who think because they are adults they have nothing to learn from the kids, and so they don't listen to the kids... AND they think they need to teach the kids something, and the kids listen.

We're all guilty. Even me. Although I do try to at least be aware of it.

The fact is... for the most part, the kids have it right. We should do more listening to them... and consequently to each other. Unfortunately, some adults are just too far gone. And that affects everyone. Adults, kids, and adults who never really grew up. Some wounds run really deep... they can't be fixed as quickly as we would like.

Just my thoughts...