Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taking This Show on the Road

Tomorrow night, we head down to Charlotte to celebrate Elise's first birthday. When we return, I'll post the pics of both Marcus' first birthday and Elise's first birthday. Two for one!

We bought Athena a pretty pink dress with matching shoes and hat for the party. She's very excited to wear them. It had better be warm out though. It's definitely a warm-weather dress. I have a dressy outfit for Mr. Man, too, but it may be too warm for the weather... so he may be a bit more casual for the festivities.

Apparently, Jason and Bernie's neighborhood is having an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Add that to the one we had last week and the one Aiden's parents are throwing Easter weekend, and we have a total of three hunts. Easter is the new Halloween! Hooray!

On the work front, I'm currently putting together the schedule from Hell. We will be closed and renovating for two+ months, so I volunteered to make the master schedule, assigning folks to cover other libraries and attend as much training as possible, and attend committee meetings, and go on vacation, and work on special projects that we never have time to do when we're open. It's going well. I'm down to two Advil a day. It's been as high as six. I'm confident the Advil factor will rise again next week, when I give out the first true draft to staff to have them check for all the mistakes and problems early next week. Wish me luck.

And send Advil.


Sophie said...

Well, I've been watching the weather like a hawk, and it looks like it's going to be gorgeous on Saturday....sunny, breezy, in the 70s... perfect for hanging out outside! Elise has a pretty party dress as well, although jeans may be better since I'm sure she'll want to crawl all over the deck.

As for Easter egg hunts, there is one on Saturday afternoon at her daycare as well, although I'm sure she'll be way too exhausted to attend. Easter is the best holiday ever....combines my love of bunnies and chocolate. What more can a gal ask for?

Looking forward to seeing you guys!

daverichards said...

Hey this really nice to read...and great to see that people are getting excited about Easter...and to share some more of this fun and joy do visit my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Chris said...

My head is splitting, so I might have to get into the Advil measurment system (AMS). Between the pollen and work load, it's killing me.

Bern said...

I'll stock up on Advil incase you need em :)

Sophie, the Easter Egg hunt at our neighborhood is organized by Elise's daycare too. Wow, they must be really enthusiastic to organize two egghunts in one day!

We are looking forward to Saturday!

Sophie said...

Bern, it's probably the same egghunt. Is it at 3.30pm?

Bern said...

Ours was at 10am.