Thursday, March 22, 2007


We had plans to go to the Hurricanes game tonight with the whole family. We haven't attempted this since last season. I was really looking forward to it. Marcus is at an age when he would probably sleep through it and Athena is starting to actually enjoy being part of a crowd... cheering, etc. We even had Marcus' Super-Crochet Fun-Time hat! He would have been toasty AND stylin'.

However, Marcus had other plans. We joined Aiden and family for a pregame dinner at Olive Garden, and Marcus threw up twice. It wasn't a sick thing as much as a choking thing, but when it happened the third time, I decided he and I were going home. So Daddy and Athena are at the game, and he and I are home. He's sleeping happily.

I noticed when we got home that the water in his sippy cup was really cold, and I've noticed that ice water tends to make his tummy more sensitive... so maybe that's what did it. I thought I had told Chris that, but either I didn't, or he forgot.

Since Athena is old enough to require a seat/ticket, we may not get a chance to go as a family again this season. Very much a bummer.

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