Friday, March 02, 2007

Things Were Going Great! Until...

So it had to start coming down sometime. This year so far has been a complete whirlwind. Let's review, shall we?

  • Chris got his second promotion in almost as many months.
  • Said promotion came with a salary increase that officially puts him at making 50% more than he was this time last year.
  • Thanks to his going full-time regular (rather than contract) our healthcare premiums will drop by about $200 per month.
  • Thanks to Athena being (almost) potty-trained and soooooooooo smart, our daycare costs will go down about $300 per month.
  • Everything is in place for our Disney trip in April.
  • I have just been handed a very nicely wrapped business opportunity that may or may not work out... but if it does, I could be my own boss within six months. If it doesn't, I still have my fantastic job at the library!
  • Chris' company just announced they are paying for everyone in the company (and their families) to go to DisneyWorld for three days in June! WOOT!

And now, here I am at home... planning our second trip to Disney of the year (and my third in a nine month period) and Athena jumped in my lap, causing the laptop I had precariously balanced on the nightstand to tumble to the floor. Chris' laptop. Mine is still down with a nasty virus. Chris' brand new laptop.

So, when he gets home from the hockey game... I suspect he will be disappointed (or worse) to see the large crack in the LCD undercarriage, that has created a nasty black spot on his otherwise lovely display. Does that spread? Please God say it doesn't. Please?!


Chris said...


Bern said...

Disney twice a year? The kids will start thinking it's their second home :)And what a great home that is!

Jessica said...

Poor Chris.

We had a gal at work who got a crack in her IMac and the screen turned green, but only half of it. And my company is so cheap they made her work on that screen for years. Half green. I'm surprised she didn't go blind or crazy.

When she finally got a NEW set up (G5) everything was better until one day when her screen just suddenly turned green. Again.
A couple hours and a few disk utilities and recalibration attempts later we discovered that her monitor cord was loose.

Dum dum dum.
Hi, I'm one of the ITs.
Lesson One:
Check connections FIRST!

eaf said...

Not only twice a year, but within six weeks. She's going to be rotten. Totally rotten.

Brant said...

I ordered a new laptop (and went into debt for it) after the old one was finally paid off b/c I was sick of having to send it in to get fixed - logic board twice, hard drive, cover catch, power manager - and I needed one I could work on to get thru school.
2 weeks before the end of hte quarter, the hard drive craps out on the news one. It's going to have to go it. Grrrrrr.

eaf said...

Yeah... the crack is getting a bit blacker. I feel really bad. Of course, Chris spilled water on it after only having it a week. I can't believe that didn't cause permanent damage, yet one small drop onto a carpeted floor has permanently scarred the thing.

And I still have a virus on mine, so I have to use this one and be reminded of my sin every day. Bleh.

Chris said...

It recovered from the water. Just like new.

Brant said...

Do you really want to post a public blog comment about Chris's crack getting blacker?!