Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Twelve-Month Checkup

Marcus saw the doctor today for his twelve-month well-baby checkup. I normally let Daddy post about the stats of the doctor visit, but this time I'm going to do it. Nyah!

He got shots... one in each arm, which he handled very well. He cried for a bit, but was easily comforted with his sippy cup of water.

Normally, babies start drinking whole milk once they hit one. We tried with Marcus, but he started spitting up again. He did the same with regular formula way back when, so we have been giving him soy formula. So, no suprise here, the doctor recommended switching to soy milk.

So the numbers:

Weight - 23 lbs., 2 oz. (55%)
Length - 31 3/4 inches (95%)
Head - 18 1/2 inches (70%)

Summary, he's a lean, mean thinking machine! He's not walking yet, but the doctor seemed to think everything was progressing well in that area. And he has most of his teeth, including the molars. The doctor even noticed that the eye teeth (the only ones toward the front that haven't come in yet) are starting to bud.

All in all, a healthy happy baby, despite the shots. Just what a mommy wants to hear. :-)


sophie said...

Good boy!! Don't these 'well-baby' visits feel like the 'Mommy Report Card' at times?

eaf said...

Absolutely. And this was my favorite doctor, too. Although we like everyone at this practice. We had a great chat about how I should be cautious of Athena's influence over Marcus and how I should also use it to my advantage whenever possible... as one day I will no longer be able to do that.

No kidding...

Staci said...

OMG, Im always reminded of how little Jubilee is when I see Marcus' stats. Do you realize he is as big as my almost 3 year old??? Jubilee weighs about 22lbs and is only a couple inches taller than Marcus. HAHA Her head is bigger..she is in the 90% for that.

Go Marcus!

Chris said...

Marcus is a big boy. I think we'll have a greater realization of this when he begins walking. He can outeat Athena right now though, and that always keeps things in perspective.