Friday, March 16, 2007

Surprise Night Off -- Sort Of

Tonight, our daycare sponsored another "Parents' Night Out." We've talked about participating in one of these, but felt really selfish in doing so. After all, they are in daycare ALL WEEK, and then what do we do? We LEAVE them there until 10pm on a FRIDAY so we can be adults for four hours. Guilt, guilt, guilt... Just haven't been able to do it.

Well, this month, the fees they charge (which are reasonable, but still fees) for this service are going straight to the March of Dimes. All for charity. So I was tossing around the idea of trying it next Friday when we have nothing to do. (I'm supposed to be baking Marcus' birthday cake tonight... but I'm not. Hopefully I can get it done in the morning.)

Anyhoo... I go to pick up my little tots, and elder tot doesn't want to leave. I WANNA STAY RIGHT HERE! (Jabbing pointy finger at the ground to accentuate HERE). I asked her repeatedly if she wanted to go home. Nope, I stay. You sure? Stay. Really? Stay. Okay.

So I left.

Granted, I took Marcus with me. He goes to bed at 7pm, and he seemed to actually like the fact that I showed up at the end of the day, so I figured I'd bring him home. Athena stayed at daycare to eat pizza and watch a movie.

Chris and I decided to take advantage of the time by... wait for it... it's not what you think... really... we decided to have a conversation during dinner. Seriously. Conversing at dinner in our house is normally not possible. Either Athena is interjecting/interrupting, or she is doing something that requires one of us to tell her to stop. Constantly.

Marcus, on the other hand, happily crams food into his face and allows us to carry on a real conversation. It is glorious!

So we still may take advantage of this little service next week... only perhaps we'll leave Marcus as well and actually go somewhere and do something fun. After all... it's all for a good cause!


Sophie said...

I hope Marcus gets his very first birthday cake!!!!

Staci said...

Happy Birthday Marcus!! I want to see pics of Marcus and his birthday cake!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Marcus!!
Fun fun fun!

Devra said...

If your kids are happy at the daycare there isn't any harm in taking a few hours to be adults. They are in a safe place where they are enjoying themselves. It's very good for your family to make sure to cultivate your adult relationships and keep them strong and healthy as it is this relationship that is often the foundation upon which you are building your family! Enjoy the uniterrupted time, sans guilt!

Brant said...

You just wonder if people troll blogs to randomly comment on other people's while hyping themselves... I posted a Real Simple recipe to (a) tell people it was good, and (b) store it where I could find it again. I got a comment from someone who runs a cooking blog saying "my recipes look great" and telling me to check out hers. My recipes? I only posted one! But don't let that stop the wandering self-promoter who has no other connections to my little (and I do mean little) community.

eaf said...

Well, that's what social networking is all about, dude. :-)