Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You Can't Be Serious

A patron came in today and asked if it was okay that she pay her $10 fine in change. I said "Sure!" expecting to get a roll of quarters. She handed me a plastic grocery bag full of pennies. None of it rolled. I shit you not. There was about $2.00 in dimes and nickels, and the rest was in pennies. Loose pennies... with some sort of dead plant life mixed in. It was lovely.

So I had to go sit down and roll it all. Naturally, I let her go ahead and I cleared her fines. And of course, as it turns out, she shorted us twenty cents. Not that it's a big deal, but... well... I'm sure you see what I'm saying.

Chalk this one up to yet another good use of that Master's degree!


Chris said...

You should have made her wait until you counted it then asked her for the remaining 20 cents.

Jack said...

Noooo.. you should have told her to go the nearest Coinstar (http://www.coinstar.com/us/html/a-home)

I can totally imagine the bewildered look on your face however. :-)

eaf said...

It took me thirty minutes to count it. Our customer-focused policies wouldn't have allowed me to keep her there. Although I wish I'd handed her the coin rolls and said, "Would you care to help me?"


Jason said...

Better yet, send her a notice for the 20 cents.

Sophie said...

Yeah, I read the libraries in certain cities were reporting late fees to the credit companies. You should turn her in for her 20 cents!!!!

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