Sunday, January 01, 2006

An Especially Good Weekend

Well, one would think that I couldn't top Christmas weekend. I got to see my sister, who I rarely see because she lives so far away, went to a great hockey game (well, great in that we won... not that we played very well) and had a fabulous Christmas with my daughter, who is just old enough to have fun at Christmas without being greedy or ungrateful.

However, this weekend may be adding up to be just a bit better. Last night, we were invited to a kid-friendly New Year party. It started at 6:30, and we spent time with people we really like, but don't know super well (friends of a friend). The hostess had a chocolate fountain, but unfortunately, she didn't get to crank it up before we had to leave with our exhausted daughter draped over daddy's shoulder. We did stay up until midnight, but not in the same room as each other. We've been married too long, I suppose. :-)

The party was "bring an appetizer," and in addition to making the appetizer, I was also able to "whip up" a cheesecake for tonight. Tonight we had Kathryn, John, and Aiden over for dinner. We get together with them from time to time as I work with Kathryn and Aiden is in Athena's daycare class. By odd coincidence (yes, it gets odder), John works for IBM, where Chris used to work. And tonight, we learned that they got married about two weeks after we did. If it weren't for the fact that my house is a complete pig sty and theirs is a beautiful picture from Southern Living, we could be twin families. Spooky when you notice how your life so closely parallels another.

Anyway, we had spaghetti and then ate the cheesecake for dessert. Athena and Aiden sat at Athena's new little activity table, which Chris brought downstairs and put at the end of the dining room table. They did very well sitting down there on their own... even with something as messy as spaghetti. (Murphy LOVES them both). The cheesecake also turned out delicious. Perhaps my kitchen poser days are over. :-)

Generally, it was a very pleasant afternoon and evening. The kids loved playing together and running around the house. We're hoping that Athena will sleep better tonight than she did last night, although she's been down for about 30 minutes and is still fussing off and on. But if all that playing didn't wear her out, I have no idea what will.

Generally, I have to say that this is one of the most pleasant weekends I've had in a while. And there's still one more day of it to go! The libraries are closed tomorrow, and we are planning to go to the Season Ticket Holders' party tomorrow evening. Free food and fun. Can't beat it!

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