Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Fresh Look at Chinese Water Torture

I suppose one of the most remarkable things about children is the way they bounce back from illness. 12 hours ago, Athena was a miserable little barfy blob of a kid, and this morning, she is active and laughing and... THIRSTY.

By 10pm, she had emptied her stomach and was trying to push even more out. But the nurses told us the best thing to stop the stomach contractions was to keep her stomach empty. No water. No crackers. Nothing. She was so tired that it didn't matter much to her, and sure enough, by midnight, she had stopped throwing up. The rule the nurses gave us was that two hours after her last convulsion, we could start giving her water... a TABLESPOON at a time.

Now, Athena is Chris' little girl. She loves to drink fluids. And she does so quickly, even under normal circumstances. So we couldn't just hand her a glass of water because she would chug it, and it very well might come back up... not accomplishing the hydration task at all.

So this morning, we gave her a thimble of water, and then had to wait 10 minutes to give her more. She was none too pleased. But then, 10 minutes later, we gave her a little more, which she chugged and started asking for more.

So here is the newest form of water torture. Give her a sip, then wait 10 minutes before giving her more. The question is, who is the most tortured... her, or us?


Chris said...

She was fine. After the second or third little bit she stopped asking for it. :-)

Sophie said...

Awww...well, I'm glad she feels better. Hope you guys escape the virus, sounds pretty violent! Give her a big hug for me.

Bern said...

Sorry to hear Athena was sick but glad she's better now. Guess she has detoxified her little self.

A Girl From Texas said...

The many sides of parenting....

I'm glad to hear she's feeling better.