Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Single and Lovin' It

Chris is at Origins. This is the fourth year he's gone, and once again, he is not here on my birthday. Scum.

The first challenge will be keeping the kids entertained, and that's all set. Tonight, we had pizza and watched Dora, Diego, and Backyardigans. They are in bed now, and with any luck, will be snoozing soon. Tomorrow night, we're hitting Monkey Joe's with the Gundlachs (Today is John/Geoff's birthday! WOOT!) Then Friday is a Parents' Night Out at the daycare, which Athena has requested I take her to. I may call some friends to see if they want to go out. (Jen and Brandy... if you're reading this... I'll call ya!)

Saturday is my birthday. My wonderful mother-in-law has agreed to watch the kids overnight! So, I'm headed first to Greensboro to see my mom for lunch, then to High Point to visit friends and watch Wall-E with a bunch of Disney Geeks, including my friend George. (What does one WEAR to a Disney Geekfest, I wonder?) Another friend Jack (a former bartender) has sent me a birthday drink recommendation, which I shall try either Friday, Saturday, or both... depending on the circumstances.

I'll be back here Sunday, and may try to take the kids to the pool. We'll see. Then Monday is back at work and Chris comes home Monday night.

The second challenge is to keep the kids healthy. For two years (see here and here), one or more of the kids was sick or cheating death whenever he went to this conference. So far, everyone seems to be very healthy. Keeping my fingers crossed!

And there is some reward to getting it all done alone. Chris does it all the time. Now I get to prove I can do it too! Yay me!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday (coming up!)!!!!

Staci said...

Have a REALLY good birthday weekend you hot mama!