Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hermione Strikes Again

Thank all that is good and holy that Chris does the laundry (up until the folding part). Look what he found in the dirty clothes this morning. Good thing he found it too... as it was tiny. It would not have survived the spin cycle, methinks.

Clearly, Athena thinks it's the coolest thing ever. I believe she used the word "cute."

Meanwhile, the poor cat is looking all around the floor of our room trying to figure out where the thing got to. Athena threw it into the bushes, so Hermione will probably be confused the rest of the day.
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Bern said...


Jason said...

Somebody get these mother***ing snakes out of my mother***ing laundry!

magnolia_mer said...

I know I'm only looking at a picture of a person holding a very small snake, but I'm doing all I can to keep from dropping this laptop and running in the opposite direction.

We don't likes the snakes, we does!

Chris said...

He was kind of cute, with his little snakey tongue flicking out.